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  1. (meh) Still the worst giveaway luck

    Five times now I've entered a giveaway with 10+ (Two 50+) winners and haven't won anything :(


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    2. Lemona



      I guess there is no "superluck" for SethTI! :( 

    3. Maxo


      problem :( 

    4. Sydno


      Don't look at it binary. There's more weigh on winning ruby one times than on "loosing" a 200 xats lottery 50 times.


      If you want to see if you've been lucky or unlucky, use the mathematical expectation ;)

  2. one year ago on July 31st, 2018, I won Ruby!


    I can't believe it's already been a year since that happened, time just flies by, doesn't it?

    1. HelperNate


      Yep, it sure does!

    2. Magic


      good luck yours(toj)

  3. Ah, trade... Where you can easily be the odd one out!




  4. And... xat deleted my "IslandShore" chat, too? :s


    I emailed them back in 2017 about getting that group name being reserved, and they allowed me to use it, so since 2017 I used the "IslandShore" chat, however recently I found out they deleted it...?

    I wonder why.

    I tried making the chat again, and it said "Group name reserved" again... (what)

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    2. LaFleur


      @SethTI you may hold on, i've asked Admin so I may have an update for you shortly

    3. SethTI


      Alright, thank you!

    4. SLOom


      The chat is now back online.




      For now, it's still cached so you have to use ?zz at the end.

  5. Chibi SethTI:


    -chubby small legs

    -big head

    -cooler jacket than anyone else can wear

    -pet crab

    -pet crab has shorts


    SethTI and Brownie profile picture transparent.png

  6. Happy Appreciate Gordon Ramsay Day!

    Do you appreciate Gordon Ramsay?



  7. Happy birthday Anthony!



  8. Happy birthday, Angelo!


  9. Happy birthday!


    1. Bryan


      Thank you!


  10. I decided to remake some older power smilies!

    (Yes, they don't look the best, but I'm just doing this for fun.)

    These are simple enough, but I think are improvements.

    Let's get the obvious "improvements" out of the way:

    And these are some ones I actually did more stuff with:


    What do you think? Which one's your favorite?


    (I honestly think xat should at least update the looks for Mirror, Invert, and Spin, though.)

  11. I honestly think it's too soon to stop support for bugs on flash- Flash chat will still work until at most December 2020, which is more than a year away. A lot of people still use the flash version, too, because of missing features.


    Don't get me wrong, html5 is good, but I don't think xat should of stopped focusing on flash bugs yet, way too soon.

    1. SLOom


      xat has stopped focusing on Flash bugs since last year to focus better on HTML5.


      Flash chat is stable enough until we can kill it. All things have a end and you will get used.


      If eventually a high bug (which is breaking) is appearing, then maybe it would be fixed.

  12. I see you too are a fan of Sally Face


    1. Ravey


      I actually have been a fan since it came it and jack played it. It reminds me of Fran Bow

    2. SethTI


      Im pretty sure it's by the guy that named Fran Bow, so that explains it

  13. Just chillin' with, y'know, my pet Crabbo.

    SethTI and Brownie profile picture transparent.png

    1. Lemona


      You know what's cooler than a pet crab? A puffle. JdEF9fk.png

    2. SethTI


      A puffle could just wear hats, my Crabbo can wear a jacket AND a hat! (a)

  14. My pretend virtual world, "The Island", is 8 years old today!

    Happy birthday, The Island, and a special thank you to xat and it's staff for keeping xat a great platform to host it on! (hug)

  15. Petition to get more trade mods that have proper grammar... I just got kicked for "false trading" because I told a guy to "hold on" because I went to ask help chat for the fair price, the guy i was trading with offered 550 for SparkleFX, and fairtrade price said max was like, 400 or something, so then Help chat tells me not to do it so i tell him that its too high, then he reports me for false trade, and I get kicked for it. So I contact the mod about it, and he barely understands what I'm even saying- Telling me if I agree to trade then I must do it, but I never agreed to it because I told the guy I was trading with to "hold on", and I tried explaining it to the staff member, and he keeps telling me to read the screenshot, and doesnt understand what I'm saying.


    TLDR: We need staff at trade that actually understand what people are saying... Cost me an unfair kick.

  16. Powers i've suggested:



  17. Powers in 2026:

    -VR: Show xat chats in VR!

    -Fridge: Refrigerator smilies and a back!

    -Bold: Bold your text!

    -RamenPacket: Ramen Noodle packet smilies and a back!

    -AllHats: Access to all hats! (Epic power)

    -Buttongrad: Allow gradients on the buttons at your chat!

    -Giveaway: Automatically give xats to a randomly selected user in a chat!

    -PCExtra: Allow a group private chat!

    1. oj


      the text is bold by default lol

    2. SethTI


      @oj Who knows, might not be bold anymore in the future!

      And if not... BOLDER!

    3. oj
  18. Remember the power suggestion page?


  19. Someday 🤞 


  20. Stifler's average day at the xat Store


  21. Thank you to xat staff for fixing the HTML5 chat backgrounds! They work just fine now! 


    1. Lemona


      Wow! Happy day for SethTI!!!! 

  22. Things that HTML5 is still missing that NEEDS to be added in the next update but isn't worth a suggestion thread:
    -Ability for chat staff to remove messages

    -Smilie list can be hidden again

    -When clicking "Edit your chat" have it pop up the background/change group thing instead of opening the main owner thing.

  23. trade contest isnt fun... just full of barges.


    -Spend 5 minutes trying to get into Trade pool

    -Stay in trade pool for like, 3-5 minutes max if you're lucky.

    -Get barged


    In my opinion, this wasn't planned well enough and shouldn't of been the black friday deal this year.

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    2. Maxo


      " Stay in trade pool for like, 3-5 minutes max if you're lucky " say " the maximum " i though you called me (sry)

    3. Mystic
    4. HelperNate


      The idea of hosting events in a generally large chat SOUNDED good, but if it contains many pools, could make it hard for all to enter and see.

  24. Was a trade rule changed recently? I thought you weren't allowed to sell graphics there.


    Or am I mistaken?

    1. Sergio


      No, they didn't. It has always been like that. Selling graphics in main chat is allowed only for xat's currency. 

      Here's the rule: 




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