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  1. I hid it because I realized stuff you could do with the power and stuff that you mentioned. Thanks.
  2. Nice looking smilies! I predict this one will be really cheap, because powers that use objects as a majority of the smilies (Like mining or icebucket) are nowhere near 200 xats.
  3. Happy birthday

  4. SethTI


    Those designs look great, I would use this power! Great work!
  5. So this means flash doodle won't load anymore?!
  6. And don't forget about Ricebowl, too
  7. I still have the worst luck in contests. There can be 50 winners and 51 entries and I'd be the odd one out. (wailing)

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    2. Crow


      He must have banged his head whilst celebrating and developed amnesia @Angelo (smirk)

    3. SethTI


      @Crow It's... It's true!

    4. Maxo


      hey seth don't worry there are more chances to win in contests you're going to be a winner someday (victory)  maybe someyear :o  :p 

  8. I don't think bot is a good must-have since, from what I believe, you have to pay for the bot itself.
  9. Hey, everyone! Are you a new trade user, looking to buy some powers you want to use? Yes? Then you came to the right place! However, this is my opinions of what I think are the most useful, cheap-ish powers to buy. Let's say you're starting out with 10,000 - 15,000 xats... Nameglow: This power is simple to use, and gives a nice looking glow to your name. However, if you want to have full customization over your name's glow color, you must buy all color powers (Red, green, light, & blue) Hat: This is another power that is simple to use and gives a cool looking hat for your pawn. Don't like the current selections? Just try the "Hats" power, then. Hands: If you want a large variety of customization for your smilies, use "Hands" & "Hands2"- You will be able to use the (ono), (hehe), etc on any smilie. Anime: A large selection of more popular smilies to use. A popular combination often seen is (awe#hehe) Halloween: If you celebrate Halloween, then you will definitely want this power for smilies to be added to your name, or just use in general. Great selection and really fits the halloween theme. Christmas: Similarly to Halloween, if you celebrate Christmas then this power is a definite must-have, same reasoning as Halloween. Silly: Lots of funny smilies you can use in general, and some great ones to use if you've got (hands). Popular smilies are (burp), (bonk), and (nose) Summer: Lots of smilies to use for you to get in the summer mood- It fits the theme quite nicely, and it's cheap. Winter: Similarly to Christmas, this power is probably the greatest holiday-themed power in my opinion. It's got effects for your chat, A LOT of smilies that aren't just winter themed, but for christmas, too! On top of that, it has some awesome looking preset backgrounds. Feast: This power is more on the expensive side, but, similarly to Winter, you get effects for your chat, a LOT of smilies (One in particular is popular, which is (gum)), but no food backgrounds (Which would be kinda odd, to be honest.) Shocker: Not much to say about this one, but it's got a lot of cool looking smilies you can use. Unwell: Same as above, not much to say- Just good looking smilies. Dance: Go to DJ chats? This power is great for those who want to show their love for the song by dancing to it. Away: This power marks you away so that your friends know where you've went without you saying "afk" or "brb". Typing: This power gives your pawn a pencil when you start typing, it's nice to have so your friends don't have to wait for a sudden message to pop-up. Classic: Miss the old smilies? This power's for you. It's self-explanatory. Graveyard: It's pretty simple, but gives a nice halloween-feel. Broadcaster: It's got some nice smilies to use while listening to music, especially (cd2). This power is great for DJs. Halloscroll: A cool looking text scroll to send on a chat- Comes with great looking dark pumpkins that would look great in a name. Let's say you have a chat- You want some powers to use for your chat, too. Blastpro/Blastban/Blastkick: These add nice looking animations when you promote, ban, or kick somebody. Bad: On top of the cool looking smilies this power offers, there are some words that xat doesn't censor- You can use this power to censor out some words. Lang: You can change almost every text the chat has to something you'd like better. Lots of chats use this, however it is pretty expensive. That's the list! Do you agree with my list? What powers do you think are a must-have for new power-buyers? Other popular must-have's commented below will go here.
  10. I actually kinda like that better. Maybe make store pages blue and other xat pages the black gradient?
  11. Cute smilies, another great FX power, usually most of them are. Thanks for another holiday themed power! Great work @Mihay!
  12. xat really needs more powers like Tech; Simply themed yellow smilies- Not any cactus or pig repeats.

    Some recent examples of simple themed powers are:





    Only 4 within one year, where compared to earlier days:







    And many more within that one year.

    3 simple examples for "simply themed yellow smilies" are:

    -Cryptid themed (I've suggested this before, too!)
    -Medieval themed

    -Award Show themed


    Hopefully you get what I'm saying here- Those types of powers are mostly the ones that are great, and give us more variety!

  13. SethTI

    531 TECH

    Very cool looking power, this reminds me a lot of the older smilie power themes, like military, sci-fi, silly, etc! Nice job!
  14. Happy birthday bud, hope you have a good one (hug)

  15. Nice new color for advanced members

    1. Lemona


      It's not new. Just bolded. But yes SethTI, it looks great with your avatar. 

    2. Maxo


      i want my name in pink color :((toj) 

    3. SethTI


      @lemonaOh yeah, I didn't look at it enough to realize it was bold. :p

  16. I've tried that too before, didn't work.
  17. Already have, otherwise I wouldn't make this post- There's nothing.
  18. Nothing different with the game itself, I'm just looking for an actual embed code, not one specifically for xat.
  19. Hey, So, I know this isn't really a problem, but I don't know where else I would be posting this So, I've been looking for an actual embed code for Bubble Shooter by Rembound, not the simple xat version. Does one exist?
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