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  1. Happy bday, Mia!

    1. miaa


      thank you seth!

  2. We should be able to sort the powers alphabetically or by newest - oldest/oldest - newest
  3. Just chillin' with, y'know, my pet Crabbo.

    SethTI and Brownie profile picture transparent.png

    1. Lemona


      You know what's cooler than a pet crab? A puffle. JdEF9fk.png

    2. SethTI


      A puffle could just wear hats, my Crabbo can wear a jacket AND a hat! (a)

  4. SethTI

    540 MIME

    Nice smilie designs and animations! I like this power, one of the better ones in a while.
  5. Hey! How are you?

  6. Happy Appreciate Gordon Ramsay Day!

    Do you appreciate Gordon Ramsay?



  7. Thank you for the opportunity and the fun, @Leandro!
  8. Another animal power noone will use within a month. Again, smilies are nice, but... Just chill out with the animal powers, or listen to suggestions like KCrab if you want a good looking animal power.
  9. It's from the lang power, it lets you rename pretty much any text in the chat, even the kicking/banning/dunce messages.
  10. The smilies look really odd, to be honest, like the hourglass animation and latetime. The clocks look fine, though
  11. Post some xat throwbacks that you have here! Whether it be screenshots or posts- feel free to share. Example: Here's a quiz xat made about scams back in 2011: https://xat.com/quiz/index.php (It seems to be very broken, to be honest.) I found it on the xat twitter.
  12. No super st patrick power?

  13. Another animal power that nobody will use within a month, great. Don't get me wrong- It looks good, you did a really great job @Anti, but what animal powers do you see people use commonly nowadays?
  14. SethTI

    Power "Gaty"

    Like I mentioned as well, GKitty has a TON of smilies- On top of that, you have "meow" and "kat" for some extra smilies. We honestly don't really need something like this.
  15. SethTI

    Power "Gaty"

    Don't we already have enough cat powers? Plus, we already have a power that looks somewhat like this, too: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gkkitty
  16. Powers in 2026:

    -VR: Show xat chats in VR!

    -Fridge: Refrigerator smilies and a back!

    -Bold: Bold your text!

    -RamenPacket: Ramen Noodle packet smilies and a back!

    -AllHats: Access to all hats! (Epic power)

    -Buttongrad: Allow gradients on the buttons at your chat!

    -Giveaway: Automatically give xats to a randomly selected user in a chat!

    -PCExtra: Allow a group private chat!

    1. oj


      the text is bold by default lol

    2. SethTI


      @oj Who knows, might not be bold anymore in the future!

      And if not... BOLDER!

    3. oj
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