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  1. Ah, trade... Where you can easily be the odd one out!




  2. Hope everyone's having a great day/night

  3. Was a trade rule changed recently? I thought you weren't allowed to sell graphics there.


    Or am I mistaken?

    1. Sergio


      No, they didn't. It has always been like that. Selling graphics in main chat is allowed only for xat's currency. 

      Here's the rule: 




  4. Chibi SethTI:


    -chubby small legs

    -big head

    -cooler jacket than anyone else can wear

    -pet crab

    -pet crab has shorts


    SethTI and Brownie profile picture transparent.png

  5. Yeah, this power really reminds me of the older powers!
  6. Thanks for a great power with lots of really cool looking smilies- And, most importantly, not letting this become one of the many animal powers out there (By that I mean, thanks for not letting this smilie only be one emote with multiple emotes like crying, cool, mad, etc- like every other animal power out there) Nice smilie variety and they look really cool. Always nice to see forum suggestions make it!
  7. What's up, dudes? Ever just wanna ROCK OUT? But, disappointed that xat has no ROCKING smilies other than (guitar)? Fear no more! With this new power I am suggesting (that i hope they add), you will be able to ROCK ON more than ever! This radical power will cost you 250 xats, and will ROCK! Rockin' Smilies: -Rockstar: A smilie with a rockin' hairdo! (Similar to gothic, but a male's hairstyle) -Headbang: A smilie headbanging (I'm surprised there isn't one... It'd be a perfect dance for whenever a radio plays metal or a rock song!) -Guitarsmash: A smilie smashin' it's GUITAR! WOOOOO!!!!! -rsrockon: I know a "rock on" smilie gesture already exists, but this one will display the text "Rock on!" above a modern smilie doing the gesture! -micscream: A smilie yelling into it's mic with it's eyes closed. -headbangguitar: A smilie headbang whilst playing guitar! ROCK ON!!! -rsdrums: A smilie playin' a sick drumset! -rsh1: Another rockstar like hairdo (Be creative with these, xat team!). -rsh2: Yet another rockstar like hairdo. -rsh3: And, yet another rockstar like hairdo. What do you think of this idea? I think it'd be a great and simple idea for xat to have, and is something I'm surprised xat hasn't done sooner! Rock on, folks!
  8. It's very outdated- I agree, pixelated toon pics should go, and be replaced with better ones, or hd. Nice idea.
  9. one year ago on July 31st, 2018, I won Ruby!


    I can't believe it's already been a year since that happened, time just flies by, doesn't it?

    1. HelperNate


      Yep, it sure does!

    2. Magic


      good luck yours(toj)

  10. design is good... don't see people using it, though... Maybe I'm wrong though, though it seems to be the same case as every animal-like power.
  11. SethTI

    Win 1500 XATS

    Seth (239476217)
  12. SethTI

    554 BABY

    Nice looking power again
  13. Crab power when?

    1. Lemona


      One day™

  14. xat's on a roll with great powers- Nice job and cute designs again. I'm digging these sticker designs.
  15. SethTI

    552 HEAT

    Another seasonal power! Smilies are great, thank you and good job!
  16. This has got to be the worst idea I've seen on this forum.
  17. The hair looks nice, and I see some male hair, finally. I mean, at least it's not a power just for women hair again.
  18. Thank you! I love seasonal powers- This one is a nice feel for summer, and the smilies look great! Thank you and great job!
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