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  1. This is amazing and very creative, thank you! I hope to see a Crab sticker released along with it!
  2. A t-shirt is a hobby?
  3. A.... A t-shirt power?... I know this was suggested but this isnt even as good as many other suggestions... Come on xat you can do better! Give us cool functions like multi pawn and superaway! Give us cool smilies like the PLENTY other smilie powers that talented artists put effort into drawing! What are we gonna do with these t-shirts?!?!
  4. I dont understand the points thing, I've never watched eurovision Seth (239476217) Italy 230
  5. SethTI


    yo, this is actually a really good idea! I would love to see this added to xat! Really great suggestion, I hope xat adds it!
  6. I... I think it's time for xat to look at suggestions and make a lot of them real, now. We've got plenty of brilliant suggestions other than a... cat n mouse power... Like the following: -Luxurious -KMummy -KCrab -Pawn Mix -Cupid ...And plenty more if admin decides to read through suggestions- Because what's the point of suggesting if they almost never get added, and we get a power like "Cat N Mouse" or "Time" instead?!
  7. I honestly think it's too soon to stop support for bugs on flash- Flash chat will still work until at most December 2020, which is more than a year away. A lot of people still use the flash version, too, because of missing features.


    Don't get me wrong, html5 is good, but I don't think xat should of stopped focusing on flash bugs yet, way too soon.

    1. SLOom


      xat has stopped focusing on Flash bugs since last year to focus better on HTML5.


      Flash chat is stable enough until we can kill it. All things have a end and you will get used.


      If eventually a high bug (which is breaking) is appearing, then maybe it would be fixed.

  8. Why does clicking "Help" take me to Assistance instead of Help chat now?!

    1. muffins


      The administrators tried pushing a fix out for some of the redirects that weren't correct; it will probably be fixed soon.

  9. Happy birthday!


    1. Addict


      Thank you!


  10. Happy birthday, Angelo!


    1. Angelo


      y45wCym.png ok

  11. Stifler's average day at the xat Store


  12. Things that HTML5 is still missing that NEEDS to be added in the next update but isn't worth a suggestion thread:
    -Ability for chat staff to remove messages

    -Smilie list can be hidden again

    -When clicking "Edit your chat" have it pop up the background/change group thing instead of opening the main owner thing.

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