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  1. SethTI


    Seth (239476217)
  2. SethTI

    517 GLASSES

    Most of the glasses don't even fit on some of the smileys :/ Most are way too big or too small. Not a good power, unless the glasses sizes are fixed, I don't see many people using this..
  3. gm happy birthday

  4. Hey Seth, Happy birthday!



  6. SethTI

    516 GORILLA

    I agree- We need less animal powers because they aren't even used much anyways, and we have WAY TOO MANY at this point. Hopefully this is the last animal power in a while- I want to see more regular smiley/function powers. But the gorilla smileys look good, they just aren't very useful.
  7. SethTI

    H Kitty!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SethTI


      I just now noticed I said "H" instead of "Hi"..

    3. 6


      Hey HI @DjCrazy!

      @SethTII didn't actually notice it lol

    4. DjCrazy


      It's not that bad sweetie , I'm everywhere@6

  8. Happy birthday Anthony!



    1. AnthonyDaBest
    2. Vritme


      Happy Birthday hey


  9. SethTI

    NOCARA upgrade

    i am calm- i was telling him what the problem was, and that it wasnt faceoff itself. how am i not calm lol
  10. SethTI

    NOCARA upgrade

    I said the problem was the HEART power is USELESS now, not faceoff being broken- Faceoff works fine, lol?
  11. SethTI

    NOCARA upgrade

    Thanks for the update! Though, there's a problem now... With this upgrade, the (heart) power is useless- you can just add a smiley to (L) now I'd say give (heart) some type of boost, too, since there is literally 0 point in buying it now.
  12. Who's excited for Halloween?

  13. SethTI

    Unblock PostImages

    Works, thank you!

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