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  1. design is good... don't see people using it, though... Maybe I'm wrong though, though it seems to be the same case as every animal-like power.
  2. SethTI

    554 BABY

    Nice looking power again
  3. Crab power when?

    1. Lemona


      One day™

  4. SethTI

    553 NAT

    xat's on a roll with great powers- Nice job and cute designs again. I'm digging these sticker designs.
  5. SethTI

    552 HEAT

    Another seasonal power! Smilies are great, thank you and good job!
  6. This has got to be the worst idea I've seen on this forum.
  7. SethTI

    551 AHAIR

    The hair looks nice, and I see some male hair, finally. I mean, at least it's not a power just for women hair again.
  8. Thank you! I love seasonal powers- This one is a nice feel for summer, and the smilies look great! Thank you and great job!
  9. This is amazing and very creative, thank you! I hope to see a Crab sticker released along with it!
  10. A t-shirt is a hobby?
  11. A.... A t-shirt power?... I know this was suggested but this isnt even as good as many other suggestions... Come on xat you can do better! Give us cool functions like multi pawn and superaway! Give us cool smilies like the PLENTY other smilie powers that talented artists put effort into drawing! What are we gonna do with these t-shirts?!?!
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