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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday  SethTI   (hug)

    1. SethTI


      Thank you!

    2. DUYGU


      you're welcome   (hug)

  3. Happy Birthday (hug)


    Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

  4. Say this every time. I LOVE smilie powers that are related to the current season! Thank you for this!
  5. Seth (239476217) Good luck all, and yes I am.
  6. aww I missed it... I forgot that this contest even happened and wasn't expecting to win it. Hopefully next time I'll remember.
  7. Thank you for the updates to xat HTML5! It's getting better and better. My top request and only one right now is to make it so smilies can be hidden again on the emoticon bar!

    1. LaFleur


      @SethTI will work on next html5 update.

  8. Nice to see more holiday powers.
  9. Thank you for this! Can't wait to try it out
  10. Always love powers that celebrate holidays. Thank you!
  11. Happy Birthday (victory)

    1. SethTI


      Thank you!!

    2. Mihai
    3. DUYGU


      Hİ Mihai  (hug)  hi SethTI  (hug) 

  12. happy birthday!

  13. Very happy birthday and life gives you what you want!



    happy birthday GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. SethTI


      Thank you, Ch3rry!

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