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  1. SethTI

    525 Snowflake

    Great looking Christmas power, thank you @Mihay
  2. I see you too are a fan of Sally Face


    1. Ravey


      I actually have been a fan since it came it and jack played it. It reminds me of Fran Bow

    2. SethTI


      Im pretty sure it's by the guy that named Fran Bow, so that explains it

  3. Seriously thought that backgrounds were fixed considering this was posted here...
  4. SethTI


    Seth (239476217)
  5. SethTI

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Prize received, thank you! @Anas
  6. SethTI


    There aren't any christmas smilies with this one, though.
  7. SethTI


    Yeah, this power (especially with all the EXPENSIVE powers) NEEDS smilies, not just pawns that people will only be using for like, one month every year.
  8. SethTI

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Seth (239476217)
  9. SethTI


    No smilies?
  10. SethTI

    WIN XATS/POWERS (On pause)

    Seth (239476217)
  11. SethTI

    524 WIGS

    ...The hairstyles are FOR females. Hence when the Hair powers are called Hair"F" and Hair"M".
  12. SethTI

    Price of XATs

    TBH if I were to reply with this my post would get removed. It happened to me before.
  13. SethTI

    524 WIGS

    Let's see... Hairf Hair2f Makeup Stylist And now wigs... There are WAY too many powers with wigs dedicated to girls... We need more wigs for guys, to be honest. I love the medusa smilie, though, great job with that Won't buy this power though, no use for me with it. Would love another guy wig power like Hair2m.
  14. I mean, I did report it countless times in the past, but I was only stating another issue here to correct him. ^ That is where it started, and where I was told it would be fixed in the near future. I was told in a PM back in January that it'd be fixed, too. But considering that xat seems to be only focusing on the web design and hasn't updated the chat monthly since August like they have been has concerned me, making me think that they just stopped working on chat stuff.

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