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  1. Happy birthday, Mav!

    1. Maverick


      Thanks, man!

  2. What do you mean by football t-shirt? Like, just different shirts as the smilies you use...? I don''t quite get the use for it
  3. Happy bday, Mia!

    1. miaa


      thank you seth!

  4. We should be able to sort the powers alphabetically or by newest - oldest/oldest - newest
  5. Just chillin' with, y'know, my pet Crabbo.

    SethTI and Brownie profile picture transparent.png

    1. lemona


      You know what's cooler than a pet crab? A puffle. JdEF9fk.png

    2. SethTI


      A puffle could just wear hats, my Crabbo can wear a jacket AND a hat! (a)

  6. SethTI

    540 MIME

    Nice smilie designs and animations! I like this power, one of the better ones in a while.
  7. Hey! How are you?

  8. Happy Appreciate Gordon Ramsay Day!

    Do you appreciate Gordon Ramsay?



  9. Thank you for the opportunity and the fun, @Leandro!
  10. Another animal power noone will use within a month. Again, smilies are nice, but... Just chill out with the animal powers, or listen to suggestions like KCrab if you want a good looking animal power.
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