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  1. Always love powers that celebrate holidays. Thank you!
  2. happy birthday!

  3. Very happy birthday and life gives you what you want!



    happy birthday GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. SethTI


      Thank you, Ch3rry!

  4. Happy Birthday bro happy birthday go shawty GIF

  5. happy birthday..

    1. SethTI


      Thank you!!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I am officially 20 years old! 

  8. 5 days until I turn 20... yikes

    1. Kaay


      Cool! a day after my b-day, only with a few years difference. (toj)

  9. SethTI

    563 WORKOUT

    I really like it! A bit similar to the "Fitness" power, but it's fine. Smilie powers are always nice.
  10. Would love a new Autumn themed power! We need more season powers

    1. Lemona


      Just keep beLEAF'in!!

      I'm so funny

  11. SethTI

    562 HAIRB

    I like hair powers, but like, slow down with them- We've had, like, what? 5 hair powers within a year? just slow down- make some autumn themed powers or something, use some user suggestions. The smilies look nice, and I like more hair variation, but, yeah, slow down. P.S What in the world is hairb4?! It's literally just a square drawn on a smilie. That's lazy. At least put some detail to it??!?
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