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  1. A recurring issue I'm noticing is users reporting login pin e-mails not giving login pin links. Is the solution to keep resending pins until it appears? Reference: http://prntscr.com/kwv1xe
  2. We’ve taken the lead! - CoD4 announcer
  3. I think releasing more expensive powers consistently will just continue to alienate more users invested in powers. I think the site needs a higher population before anything with powers happens. Letting people make a little bit more profit just comes off as a short term solution to make people a little more happy but maybe that is what the site needs who knows. I think there's so many powers now that raising the price won't even matter. I don't think there is any reason to believe that more expensive powers will retain the same percentage increase that new powers show upon release. When old users I have known visit xat and we talk about powers it's not really the 100k tag behind ruby that we find funny or are frustrated about but rather the fact that ruby was stripped from the old everypower and then given the 100k tag. The admins didn't catch enough heat for this move probably because there wasn't enough people on the site.
  4. Damien


    Damien (72392102)
  5. Gotta rep Help for its consistency throughout the years
  6. Please keep the light flickering pawn (hat#hl)
  7. Looks cool sort of like a vertical version of the namewave pawn. I rather see it as an extension to an existing power.
  8. I personally think what is happening with the Social chat room is great - especially since it is a chat on display on xat's homepage. Social having other populated chats merging into one is a good quality over quantity move if it works. The English community on xat has for sure dwindled so honestly the personalities and conversations you see on these chats is what you get and sign up for. Although there is truth to a claim that xat does have a culture when it comes to ranks I do not think that is the driving force of a chat room - conversation and different personalities are. To be honest I think a post like this should have just been sent to the main owner of Social instead of here but it does bring up potential for bringing to light the idea that perhaps xat should amend rules of promotion to cater to the population of users rather than to put on display a picture of what xat is not - a site where official standards are enforced strictly at all times.
  9. I have superblastbanned Phin for banning Bella for banning Phin for banning Paul for banning Phin for banning Paul
  10. I have banned Thuk for breaking Da Rules
  11. I agree, this type of functionality would be great and to be honest I think this should be the only thing worked on if whoever does the work decides to touch on audies.
  12. How about in addition to this idea xat implements some sort of scrapbook that makes accessing and sharing screenshots more user friendly and personal. It's pretty common for people to share screenshots of the chat since they are moments and this is not possible without PC/PM for guests (the default user on the site) in the main chat since it would be a link. I think this is along the lines of what Brandon was getting at.
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