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  1. Damo


    I think some of what has been put forth has potential to be a good idea for xat but this really comes off as unorganized - most likely intentionally just to put the idea in effect and get it rolling. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing either because since the site has a smaller user base at the moment you have the freedom to roll out any ideas regardless of how they will be received and you can of course work on it from there. From an outside perspective that is nice to witness. From an outside perspective, the idea that you will give a cyan pawn to someone who makes the best game and then perhaps remove it from that person and possibly discredit him/her when something better comes along does not come off in the right way. There's really just too much to think about with an idea as vague as this so I really hope this is not the final decision and definition of the celebrity pawn. Is the admin going to be just be picking whatever game he likes? The game that the community likes the most? The least buggiest / the most efficiently written one? These type of programs always have room for improvement and ideally that does not come from one person. It's nice to see the celebrity status / cyan pawn given out for something other than being a celebrity because it shows that whatever ideas are floating around actually have potential to be realistic about intended outcomes. I think so far in this thread the community is really overreaching with the idea that the celebrity pawn actually had a meaningful tradition. I think the administrator should really look at adding a developer title to the community and only giving it to people who are invested into the site and clearly show that they have an interest in volunteering their time to write for the site / have established precedent that they will do so. This type of idea has potential to respect others who spend a lot of their time contributing to the site both on the website and off the website.
  2. Damo

    518 MUERTOS

    It's inspired by this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead which is culturally different from what Halloween is.
  3. Damo

    Favourite steam game(s)?

    SOMA Atmospheric with a good story. The ending becomes predictable as you progress. ANNA's QUEST Fun puzzle / adventure game THE CAVE Very fun puzzle game with multiple characters w/ different abilities. Each character gets their own puzzle scene / mini story. It's really fun I'm going to play it again (100 percenting this game is fun too and not tedious)
  4. Damo

    Grim Power [FLASH]

    Big effort from you man. Love to see it!
  5. Damo

    Login pin link not appearing in e-mail

    The post was for a general inquiry. The potential solutions given above were useful information.
  6. A recurring issue I'm noticing is users reporting login pin e-mails not giving login pin links. Is the solution to keep resending pins until it appears? Reference: http://prntscr.com/kwv1xe
  7. Damo

    Whoever posts last wins!

    We’ve taken the lead! - CoD4 announcer

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