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    Chresoulane (1492674305)
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    Chresoulane (1492674305)
  3. You can show a heart (l) (below) with your married and a + (above) with your bff and all can stay in the chat together.
  4. Chresoulane (1492674305)
  5. Airtime


    Chresoulane (1492674305)
  6. I came on xat through an unofficial hannah montana's fan club. It was back in 2009. The people there talked about random things and never about hannah montana lol. One day it stopped loading for me and my friend gave one of the chat links from "xat". I was surprised to see many chats like that. Was excited for a long time after being introduced to the whole new world of xat. It had universe backgrounds from xat and looked quite nice back then.
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    wow Bau much creativity xD
  8. Airtime


    It's just your banredirect power xD but without a ban. Users would get redirected for a specified amount of time because of a kick, everytime they try to enter that chat Cambio, I think it depends on the people. Some would want this power and some would think it's not needed.
  9. Airtime


    Can't we have a power like superboot or something where a user can be booted to a chat and they can not return for a specified amount of time (not ever enter the chat; a message would appear- you're not allowed to enter) and they would be redirected to some chat. The staff can write the amount of time for which they would not like the person to enter the chat..
  10. Airtime


    Received the prize! Thank you!
  11. Hi! Feels good to be a part of this
  12. Airtime


    Chresoulane (1492674305)
  13. Yes of course @Bau I still don't get why is it a power and not a feature BTW how to remove a good friend?
  14. Courtesy call by Thousand Foot Krutch Naruto Soundtrack- Wind Do you like them?
  15. According to me this should be for the whole of xat chats. With this option users can now give suggestions for the chats to improve. There should also be an option to set which email you would like to receive the responses to as many chats don't remember the email with which they made the chat. We can add an option to enter the email id in edit chat somewhere here http://prntscr.com/i3d51v and the suggestions form can be shown over here http://prntscr.com/i3d5eg a little bigger than the other options.. It should also show a number e.g. Suggestions 12 to show how many suggestions have been submitted so far. Now I'm sure there are other things you can do to give inputs/suggestions for a chat to improve by commenting, messaging an owner but this would be a better way as the owners would take it more seriously. Usually they go neglected or they are not noticed. With this we can focus on improving chats. Allowing users to send suggestions is a great way to help improve chats. We should take into consideration the wishes of the users who make the chats alive.
  16. xat should create banners for the upcoming features just like we have for powers, so that there's something exciting for the regular users too. These features should be advertised more on xat chats e.g. welcome messages on the popular chats can be like "Now you can use the xyz feature, to read more about it go to xat.com/wiki/...". OR above/below the chats. We should give the regular users a reason to disable adblockers on xat and good advertising would help a lot in improving xat.
  17. Airtime

    I Will RETURN

    When are we going to have this as a feature
  18. 1. It's because xat keeps focusing on powers a lot and there's not much for regular unsubscribed users. 2. Most chats have strict rules: no swearing, trolling etc. If we could go a little easy on the rules and make features for everybody to use, people will be more happy. Now we have chats with all the rules, people behaving and chats being dead... We should be more inviting. That's my opinion.
  19. What according to you are the group powers a good chat should have? List their names down below.
  20. Airtime


    Can redirect them to flirt
  21. Don't want xat to die It's sad to see a lot of people giving up and/or turning a blind eye to the situation... Can't we turn it around somehow? Don't lose hope people. We've invested a lot of time in this site so Let's support it till we can !!
  22. Airtime

    /message PC/PM

    Similar to this, a feature of pc with selected users. Would be nice if all can talk in one pc
  23. That's great! <3 Looking forward to having a great html5 xat with many such interesting features!
  24. @Nixs For starters we can try with the language English as it's the official language for most of the chats. If it gets difficult for other languages we can choose to keep this only for English. If the bots can't do it then we can implement it in xat's chat itself like the hide inapp word option exists.
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