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  1. you're too good for this list, you shall be on the owner list
  2. Oh, I see. My bad, sorry.
  3. @SirCharlie what are you talking about? LMAO this is all i ever posted, didn't remove a thing m8
  4. Charlie, shhhh. Don't cause distress for no reason. It's just for fun. "All of this negative feedback"???? there's none at all
  5. Oh, please! I'm not power hungry!
  6. Don't vote for yourself. Lol.
  7. Gambler

    Ban system

    @Booh Indeed, we must take action.
  8. I own a cat currently, so I shall go with cat
  9. That's nice, Halo is fun. However, as the poll shows, playstation rulez!!
  10. Just curious to see what you guys prefer to use for video games.
  11. Thank you for responding guys! It would appear this is turning into a somewhat interesting race with coffee producing a bit of a comeback to make it 5-3. Tea still got a comfortable lead though!
  12. Which one do you prefer?
  13. Yes, this would certainly save a lot of time. Also, surely there have been a lot of cases where users were too lazy to go through the process so they decided not to report a troublesome user.
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