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  1. Good evening I have a problem blocking my account and I have already sent a ticket for more than 2 months and they only asked me a few questions but they do not answer anything at all I hope you can help me

    1. Deactivated


      As has already been said, please remain patient and wait for a response on the ticket you opened. Posting here will not speed up the answering process.

  2. hello good night, I have a problem with my blocked account that I have more than two months and I answered the ticket after 28 days and I asked some questions that answered in full and now I have another 37 days without answer and considered that it is very much that everything I have is full of thank you for your support and thank you very much

    1. Deactivated


      Sorry for the inconvenience, you need to remain patient and wait for a answer on your ticket. Please read this wiki article about ticket times, some departments are delayed.


      Volunteers are currently working on removing these delays in which a series of reasons provides the delay of the final answer.


      I'm sure your ticket was not ignored. In fact, your case is being cautiously taken care of so they can reply back as best possible understanding about your problem.

    2. jesus090885


      ok thank you very much but if I thank you for helping me since I invested money in my account and it would not be nice to lose my account please thanks to spend nice night

    3. zw


      I see that you sent me a private message about this problem; I will respond to you there as soon as I can!

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