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  1. So considering that the popup wouldn't be repetitive, that's a good idea. Just like in the transfer/trade, because is where usually they realize the problem.
  2. I wasn't talking about the post. I like Odin's idea and Arthur's too. I just thought that the idea of SlOom was a little complicated to put in practice. Sorry not to mention him. A popup on transfer/trade would be much better.
  3. Thay


    FrozenScene (351702807)
  4. There's no reason to complicate something simple.
  5. I think would be tiring to get a pop up every time you get into a xat informing the time of held because it is a information that needs to be showed once only, not always, which would be in the login. As @Odin said, is unlikely someone trade without login, even more if is held. So, the person would receive the message and this would avoid a possible failed trade. @CarlosDesigns, @SlOom, @Skatel .
  6. Thay


    FrozenScene (351702807)
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