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  1. limonada , What part do you not understand, what ezgif does the strip do to you but then it doesn't work! that doesn't work you do not recommend things that you have not even made sure that it works.
  2. is that it has not worked for a long time it is not current, it is an abandonment by xat to its users, because they do not worry, animate is widely used by many users
  3. If I have made this complaint it is because before I have gone to the help xat and I have tried all those options and it does not work You can try it yourself and see, xat should fix its animation converter, it was simple and fast
  4. Well, that alternative does not work either, you can try it yourself and you will see that I am telling the truth
  5. That page you gave me doesn't work either and it looks suspicious
  6. I want to make this claim to xat.com, I and many people do not know how to use advanced programs Before, many people used this animate converter and made their own free and easy gif now if you want to make a gif you have to go to a professional who will do it for you and they usually charge you currently no online gif to png converter page, it works That is why I would ask that whoever is in charge of fixing these issues, please hurry up and fix it once. a lot of people use animate and we want to be able to make our gifs easy like before
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