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  1. Madses

    My random art

    It's nice, but i have feedback. The moon and tower are both very realistic, but then the yellow circle around it is very cartoony. My tip is to stay consistent. You're using two different styles (cartoony and realistic). Good art tho
  2. Wasps, mosquitos , snails ,seagulls , boosted animals and flies!!
  3. Okay but no1 said the word "useless". Also i like how you used "for new users" rather than "foreigners". Doesnt really make sense to me saying its for foreigners.
  4. @Dallas Okay but why is the tutorial in English then lmao? If it is really to target the foreigners , use their language. If a "foreigner" speaks good enough english to read this AND he is already on the forum he most likely knows how to host a contest. I agree with the person critisizing the tutorial, its not really helping anyone if everyone already knows how to do it.
  5. I know its your own list , but its meant for the admins. Anyways, you're right. They dont have their priorities straight, nothing new. A list like this could help , but they'll completely ignore it. New powers === Money. Fixing bugs / stuff doesnt.
  6. Looks like you're giving the admins a todo list. I'm sure they got one of their own already, im sure they know what to prioritize first etc. So i dont see the point in giving them a list of things todo when they surely got that covered already.
  7. Madses

    ANGRIER power

    xat has a smiley making an L sign with its hands and holding it infront of its forehead. Same as calling someone a loser basically. It's not "inadequate". How is this different lol.
  8. @Shizuo When he runs out of people he can always honor you
  9. You : I have a suggestion! 

    xat : put it next to the others http://prntscr.com/o90u1h

    1. xLaming


      it depends on your suggestion, making xat a paid service isn't good enough to fix xat issues.

    2. Madses


      @xLaming Obviously that was a troll. Whoever thought I was serious clearly doesnt think straight. 

  10. Imaginary conversation* @Leandro
  11. @xLaming It doesnt matter if its a chat site. Steven said He's talking about a service in general. The thing about the game is a response to his response. Which was about services in general
  12. Damn, there goes my great idea, down the drain. Sigh... I guess not all of you have money to blow. But @Crow, if xat becomes a paid service volunteers might get paid wink wink. @Leandro Oh Leandro please, you dont have a direct connection to the administrators , keep dreaming please. @Steven I am a person and I said it. Actually this happens a lot in for example in WoW, the users i know that play WoW wouldnt want it to become a free game , because of the same reasons. In order for you to revive something it must first die.
  13. Hello. My suggestion is as follow: Make xat.com a paid service. In order to use xat, one must pay a monthly fee. This fee can be the same for everyone. 10 dollars a month. On top of that you gotta pay for powers etc. This way we will reduce spammers , bots and trolls. I would love this idea.
  14. I think this is a good power to raise awareness that xat is dying and it needs to be rescued, great idea +1.
  15. Lets say the website was inaccessible for a long period of time. Or maybe the servers were down , or will be going down. Let say one of the mentioned things happened. In my eyes its common courtesy to let the users know why this happened. or will happen Instead of acting like it never happened. So here's the suggestion. A forum category where only forum moderators can post to announce these kind of things.
  16. Cant access the home page lol 

  17. I feel like it'd look better if you remove the text-decoration on the second line of text, unless its like a link and you want people to click on it.
  18. Your question is not very clear to me or anyone else here. I can see you speak spanish. Maybe you could describe your problem in Spanish , in the Spanish section. I would then be able to assist you better with your issue. Here's a direct link to the spanish support section: https://forum.xat.com/forum/5-soporte-en-español/.
  19. I like to make balls of sand, and throw it at my siblings.
  20. Madses


    Everybody likes a good comedy
  21. Madses


    "winter season is coming soon" what happened to summer? How about a summer power first.
  22. Happy birthday to everyone born today, you're a joke.

  23. If someone tells you that your account is blocked and you login to check if this is really the case, then this means that you're already fishy about the situation. In that case you can just simply check if the person trying to scam you really is a volunteer by going to https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Volunteers. because lets say your account really is blocked and someone happens to ask for your details during that time? Even if your account is blocked this still applies: Never give your password to any volunteer or xat staff, even if you are sure they are real. Your idea could be used for people to check if they're blocked or not. But not to prevent scams.
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