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  1. To my love, we met back in 2014. Since then we've been through so much together. Thanks to you I met some very nice people. To show you how much I appreciate you, ive spent a plenty amount of money on you. I've seen your appearance change. Sadly recently something bad has been happening to you. You're slowly dying, its devastating it breaks my heart, you used to be so full of life.. No matter what I will stay with you until the end. You will be my first and my last. Happy valentines, xat. I love you
  2. was this done using the IE logo?
  3. Thanks! Finally someone said it.
  4. Step one: Google the internet explorer logo. Step 2: Open paint. Step 3: Fill in the empty gaps. Step 4: Rotate the logo: And add the worst font you can find.
  5. Nameglow + green , red , blue and light
  6. Happy birthday Sydno

  7. Madses

    Coding Help?

    visit: https://i.xat.wiki/sc/ select "Font" Visit https://fonts.google.com/ and choose your desired font. Copy the name of the font you like and paste it in the font field: Copy this part and add it on top of your html code: Now you have access to custom fonts. Congrats. Here's an example of how it'd look if you do it properly:
  8. These are all unique, no one is using them. I can customize any of these templates to however you'd like. Send me a private message and we can discuss a fair price.
  9. Hello xat,







    1. Samuel


      You must login to solve it

  10. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes everyone who wished me a happy birthday

    1. Bau


      You're welcome! (hippo)

    2. Mystic


      You’re welcome man! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  11. Happy Birthday man! 

  12. Happy Birthday!


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