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  1. Madses

    My random art

    It's nice, but i have feedback. The moon and tower are both very realistic, but then the yellow circle around it is very cartoony. My tip is to stay consistent. You're using two different styles (cartoony and realistic). Good art tho
  2. Wasps, mosquitos , snails ,seagulls , boosted animals and flies!!
  3. Happy Birthday  @Madses(hug)

  4. Happy Birthday(cute)

  5. Okay but no1 said the word "useless". Also i like how you used "for new users" rather than "foreigners". Doesnt really make sense to me saying its for foreigners.
  6. @Dallas Okay but why is the tutorial in English then lmao? If it is really to target the foreigners , use their language. If a "foreigner" speaks good enough english to read this AND he is already on the forum he most likely knows how to host a contest. I agree with the person critisizing the tutorial, its not really helping anyone if everyone already knows how to do it.
  7. I know its your own list , but its meant for the admins. Anyways, you're right. They dont have their priorities straight, nothing new. A list like this could help , but they'll completely ignore it. New powers === Money. Fixing bugs / stuff doesnt.
  8. Looks like you're giving the admins a todo list. I'm sure they got one of their own already, im sure they know what to prioritize first etc. So i dont see the point in giving them a list of things todo when they surely got that covered already.
  9. Madses

    ANGRIER power

    xat has a smiley making an L sign with its hands and holding it infront of its forehead. Same as calling someone a loser basically. It's not "inadequate". How is this different lol.
  10. @Shizuo When he runs out of people he can always honor you
  11. You : I have a suggestion! 

    xat : put it next to the others http://prntscr.com/o90u1h

    1. xLaming


      it depends on your suggestion, making xat a paid service isn't good enough to fix xat issues.

    2. Madses


      @xLaming Obviously that was a troll. Whoever thought I was serious clearly doesnt think straight. 

  12. Imaginary conversation* @Leandro
  13. @xLaming It doesnt matter if its a chat site. Steven said He's talking about a service in general. The thing about the game is a response to his response. Which was about services in general
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