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  1. I feel like it'd look better if you remove the text-decoration on the second line of text, unless its like a link and you want people to click on it.
  2. Your question is not very clear to me or anyone else here. I can see you speak spanish. Maybe you could describe your problem in Spanish , in the Spanish section. I would then be able to assist you better with your issue. Here's a direct link to the spanish support section: https://forum.xat.com/forum/5-soporte-en-español/.
  3. I like to make balls of sand, and throw it at my siblings.
  4. Madses


    Is this a joke?
  5. Madses


    Everybody likes a good comedy
  6. Madses


    "winter season is coming soon" what happened to summer? How about a summer power first.
  7. Happy birthday to everyone born today, you're a joke.

  8. If someone tells you that your account is blocked and you login to check if this is really the case, then this means that you're already fishy about the situation. In that case you can just simply check if the person trying to scam you really is a volunteer by going to https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Volunteers. because lets say your account really is blocked and someone happens to ask for your details during that time? Even if your account is blocked this still applies: Never give your password to any volunteer or xat staff, even if you are sure they are real. Your idea could be used for people to check if they're blocked or not. But not to prevent scams.
  9. Tell me your best joke and I will reward you handsomely. 

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    3. Madses


      @oj Who hurt you? Oh i did haha.


    4. oj


      @Madses 😍😍😍

  10. To my love, we met back in 2014. Since then we've been through so much together. Thanks to you I met some very nice people. To show you how much I appreciate you, ive spent a plenty amount of money on you. I've seen your appearance change. Sadly recently something bad has been happening to you. You're slowly dying, its devastating it breaks my heart, you used to be so full of life.. No matter what I will stay with you until the end. You will be my first and my last. Happy valentines, xat. I love you
  11. was this done using the IE logo?
  12. Thanks! Finally someone said it.
  13. Step one: Google the internet explorer logo. Step 2: Open paint. Step 3: Fill in the empty gaps. Step 4: Rotate the logo: And add the worst font you can find.
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