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  1. Recent stuff

    Really nice I love them , what do you use to make them?
  2. My new xatspace

    There's no code in your "code" link. Nicely done tho I like it a lot.
  3. Netflix xat space

    Thank you, I appreciate it a lot! @Liquor
  4. Netflix xat space

    @ANGY Im having trouble on finding out where to add the extra info button cry
  5. Netflix xat space

    To be fair i totally forgot I promise ill change it up soon sorry!!
  6. Netflix xat space

    You're welcome, I'm glad you like it! @BRABO
  7. Netflix xat space

    You're welcome! This website can be used to generate the logo with your own name in netflix style http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/profonts/graphique-pro/ @Matti

    Madses1996 (1496708704)
  9. CSS not loading on IE11

    Will do! thanks.
  10. CSS not loading on IE11

    The thing is, for me it works fine too. This question came from an user at the dutch help chat. So i can't really answer the question " does it have css links at the top between <head> </head> tag ?" since it didn't happen to me. I just want to make sure i know how to help him next time he asks for help. @SlOom
  11. CSS not loading on IE11

    Hello, Today at the dutch help chat I got a question from somebody. He went to https://xat.com and the page looked like this: http://prntscr.com/hleudn as you can see the CSS didn't load . According him the page used to work before. I told him to refresh the page, that didnt help either. Is this a known bug on Internet explorer 11? He should obviously just get a more modern browser but still, isn't this kind of odd?
  12. This or That ???

    Europe Games or movies?
  13. Welkom bij het team, Kevin! Ik ben heel blij dat ik nog iemand op deze website heb ontmoet die ook Nederlands is! :$ 


    1. Madses


      Hahaha, thanks! Ook echt toevallig dat ik jou een bericht had gestuurd erover, ik wist niet eens dat je Nederlands was eerst

  14. Hi, Just sharing my latest xatspace in case anyone would like to have something similar. This one is pretty basic, which is exactly what i went for this time. Nothing 2 fancy. A live example can be found at https://xat.me/madses1996 (make sure to hover over the image in the middle) CSS/HTML https://pastebin.com/NStyW9V4