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  1. 52 minutes ago, ANGY said:

    Of course, but in yes that is what you want, that is allowed then the sale of shortnames through transfers?

    yes, the sales of shortnames would go through by transferring xats from one user to another or you could use a middleman to help avoid scam.

  2. 5 hours ago, 6 said:

    Comes with a security risks i'd rather have shortname transfer be free opening in ticket.

    i apologize for not being specific about this as i was writing this post. i never wanted to change the old ways of making a ticket in order to get the shortname transfer to other accounts, i would like to still do that only with friends being able to transfer to each other too.

  3. Hello, I am pretty sure this idea has been passed around to many chats across this site, but I am here to introduce this topic to the forums. I believe xats should introduce the idea of transferring regnames to friends(or other people) If both people agreed to doing this. There will probably be many disagreements or issue at first as we develop a solution to making this process come true but the benefits of doing this will help xats improve in many ways. Hopefully this topic gets passed around to others across the community in order for us to realize how useful this could bring to this site. 

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