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  1. 5 minutes ago, lcky said:

    Lucky  (917210101)



    I think you need to give prize to a Prize holder .

    If I do need one, sevda and bella has agreed to be my prize holder for me. If a moderator tells me this, I will give them the xats and notified the moderators about them being it.

  2. It is time for us to gather around, time for us to stand up and fight this corrupt system that has spread across this beautiful community. We have been living in dark times for several years without any dreams in our sight, this shall be no more!!! We will unite as a community to clean this site of the sins that have been committed on it, we shall rise this year to show pain towards the system that has been bothering us for the past few years. My people, join me as we save our beloved site from the evil that is trying to bring it down, we must keep xats alive even if it means you die trying!! Our first step would be helping our amazing volunteers who have been cursed badly, you guys must be cleaned of the terrible SPELL that has been brought onto you guys. This is a terrible disease in which I have been developing a cure myself in order to save you guys from it, but found out the only way to get rid of it would be you guys torching the name from your minds. Don’t worry, I will clean you with the Holy Water of Forgiveness until you guys have decided to take actions for the sins that have been stuck on you. I will help you guys rise back to your glory state, a state in which you haven't witness for along time.


    As a member of this community for many years, I have seen things that scared me in my dreams, these dreams eventually told me how to fix this problem. I didn’t believe this would work, but as time went on it started to make sense. These dreams told me that we should start a new system with new volunteers who deserve to help get this community back in shape. These dreams gave me people who would be able to work with the current volunteers and help them return back to their normal selves, people like Maverick, Nathan, Sean, Unity, and many more. These people shall help spread positivism towards everybody including the current volunteers who were consumed by the demon inside them, together as a community we shall cleanse and cherish you guys with all the light inside our bodies to help you out. The end of Biasism will be coming, this will be tarnished in our community for the people’s sake. For the good of xats and the people of xats, we must do this in order to help us improve towards the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, hope you have a wonderful day.



    P.S. free Lejon (6006006)

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Harrison said:

    Have you even asked Brandon and Muffins if they would want this? lol

    I promise you their answer would be no. 

    You are absolutely correct, Harrison. I should have asked them first before even suggesting them to be the future generation leaders of this fantastic site, I enjoy your opinion, this isn't me being sarcastic either.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Droid said:

    Love Muffins and Brandon. But Successors? You make it seem as though Chris and Darren are retiring.

    I am implying that they should start preparing for that day and find people who are worthy to be their successor.

  5. Hello, my name is Kyle, I am here to bring an idea that I believe will help improve/help this site be filled with members again. I believe the admins (Chris & Darren) should start training their successors for this beautiful site, the two people I have in mind are the two hardest workers I have seen since the start of my xat career.  I would like Muffins & Brandon to step up and take ownership of this site, I believe they both can help re-populate this site. This is only a suggestion that could be true some day, please fell free to express your opinions at the bottom of this post. I will gladly discuss more about this in the comment section and would love to hear what you guys think about this. Excuse my grammar and errors from this post, I am writing this post at 3am.

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