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  1. We are open to suggestions, if you would like gamebot we could probably add it in.
  2. Just giving back and uniting the community as one.
  3. In case most of you guys didn't read my status, the winner of this contest is @MisteR http://prntscr.com/ig3iub . I thank everybody who entered this contest. Join my new contest for a chance to win xats which is here.
  4. 3rd Street Saints Returning Date: Saturday, February 24 We will be hosting a trivia contest Topics will include: xat & Saints Row Any additional topics can be suggested in a comment reply Prize: 10,000 xats Time: 12:00pm EST Anything else can be discussed with me through xat, forum pm or reply. Chat: Saints Host: LeJon & Kyle(Saint)
  5. I would first like to thank everybody who entered my contest, you are lovely people.


    Users who are in the contest: https://prnt.sc/ig3ex9 https://prnt.sc/ig3fcw https://prnt.sc/ig3fx8 http://prntscr.com/ig3gy1


    winner: http://prntscr.com/ig3iub @MisteR

    1. Lyn
    2. Solange




      I'd recommend you to announce the winner on your thread. Doing that, people will know that there's a winner and they will stop posting entries.

    3. 411


      @solange just finished my message on the thread for the people of the contest to see, thank you very much.

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  6. 411


    Impressive idea, I can see this actually being created.
  7. Good morning, community. Don't forget to join while there is still time to enter my contest, the winner will be announced at 1:00pm EST.

  8. @muffins If you are available, I need to speak to you about something important.

    1. zw


      As Bau said, I'd actually prefer if you started a conversation with me -- it helps me to stay organized. Nonetheless, I'd be happy to assist you at any rate.

    2. 411


      @muffins i'm fine now, next time i will do that.

    3. zw


      Glad to hear and alright!

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  9. 411

    buenos dias

    1. Pia


      Escuchando música, y tú? 👐

    2. 411


      comer manzanas


    3. Pia


      Hahaha que rico! Enjoy 🍎

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  10. So you are saying we can get away with cheating without being punished for this ?
  11. i came from a clubpenguin army chat, it was pretty fun hanging out at these chats as a child.
  12. Congratulations to @muffins for winning the 100 days

  13. 96 users enter the contest, 100th user to enter will be given 100 days from me.

  14. Bringing the community together with some friendly competition, the 100th person to enter my contest will be given 100 days from me. Happy Valentine's Day to all the single folks out there, we still love you guys.

    1. Dann


      are there 100 people on xat? (hmm)

    2. 411


      I've seen people who don't even come on the site comment surprisingly.

  15. 411


    Saint (187998250)
  16. 411


    Saint (187998250)
  17. I am simply treating this contest like those big jackpots you go for in real life, there is only one winner to these which is why there is only winner for this prize.
  18. Happy birthday, Tina!

  19. If I do need one, sevda and bella has agreed to be my prize holder for me. If a moderator tells me this, I will give them the xats and notified the moderators about them being it.
  20. Hello, My name is Kyle. I will be randomly(with the help of this) giving away 20,000 xats towards a lucky person in this community. There are a few rules for this contest..... Insert your Regname and ID at the bottom of this topic in order for you to be placed in the generator Only allowed to comment with one account, you will be disqualified if you are caught The winner will have a total of 24 hours to claim his/her prize, if they don't I will roll again.... This contest will end February 17, 2018 at 1:00pm EST(which is Saturday) I will be on x
  21. I need an idea, like using a random name generator to give 10k towards somebody on here sounds great to me.

    1. Bau


      Gift For February 14? (but I saw the contest end on February 17).xD 

      I saw your contest, it's very good! Congratulations!
      Good luck Everyone!

    2. 411


      cheers mate

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