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  1. Hello, Xaters. How is everyone doing today or tonight?

  2. In all seriousness, can @LeJon get untorched in order for me to have a Saints' reunion?

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    2. 411


      How is the engagement with Luna going?

    3. Madses


      Oh Luna is old news, i am now dating someone else now! Yeah thats right , I can actually get into a relationship when i want, you cant. Maybe try going outside instead of asking volunteers to unbann your e-friends so you can have an e-reunion Lmfao

    4. 411


      Good one, Kevin. You got me there, buddy. 

  3. One of the winners has failed to message me claiming their prize. I have given them plenty of time and choose to roll the generator one more time in order for a new winner to replace them. Congratulations to ANG3LL (1515005001), they are now the new winner.

    1. HelperNate


      Next time, try mentioning their forum name in the winning post. That'll get their attention. EG: @411

    2. ANG3LL


      Received, thank you (hug)

  4. No more people will be added to the giveaway now. After a long week of waiting I have decided to announce the winners after closing the comment section at 2pm today. Two winners are: SREric (101617014) & skerelolskere (1530281223)
  5. 411

    534 TRAINS

    Can this train get me from DC to NY under an though?
  6. Hi. Back again with another giveaway for this beautiful community. For the people who are active and care about this site, two winners will have a chance to win 5,000 xats. In order to enter this contest you must include your ID and Regname to be placed in my giveaway. The winners will be decided by a randomly generator app on my phone(Too lazy to do all this on my laptop). If you are still reading my post, the comment section will be closed on February 24th at 2pm EST. Winners will be announced at 2:10pm on the same day the comment selection closes. Thank you and have a wonderful day, enjoy!!
  7. We must finally unite xat together as one, we should avoid having problems between Toons and Register users in this community. Instead of segregation between the two we should come together to build a better place for all users in this beautiful community, help raise awareness on chats like Xat5 and Trade. We must unite the people to save this site, we must bring back the good days with the corrupted system gone forever. Join me, join the cause to erase the bad from the internet.

    1. Guppy
    2. 411


      Only those who don't see the corruption respond with a sense of unacknowledged wording. Be free from your suffering, awaken to see the truth about what is hiding in the site you love.

  8. I decided to just not waste my time with the contest post, instead I will randomly give out xats towards people on xat.com/Hangout. Yes, this is an advertisement towards the chat with new staff running it, you are welcome.

  9. This place seems dead, going to spice this up with a giveaway soon with two people having the chance to obtain 10,000 xats. 

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    2. 411


      You focused on the side of my comment that wasn't even important, I am disappointed that you chose the bad side of my comment instead of the good side to respond to me. Plus, that was more like a joke message, wasn't even worth your time to respond that kind of way.

    3. Jine


      I am so sorry to make you think that way .Just cheer you up and do not look in negative way as u said " this place seems dead"


    4. Jine


      please understand my point, i just try to help and indicate that xat is not dead anymore what wrong am I?  However , i do not care what u think anyway if u do not understand

  10. 1. Who will win the World Cup? (Worth 20 points) Brazil 2. Who will be the Runner-Up of the World Cup? (Worth 15 points) France 3. Who will get 3rd place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Germany 4. Who will get 4th place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Argentina 5. Who will win the Golden Ball? (Worth 10 points) Lewandowski 6. Who will win the Golden Boot? (Worth 10 points) Kroos 7. Who will win the Golden Glove? (Worth 10 points) (Goalkeepers only) Neuer 8. Who will win the Best Young Player Award? (Worth 10 points) 9. Who will win Group A? (Wor
  11. Congratulations @Angelo, your bonus now is zero xats per hour.
  12. I understand that there is a rule that you aren't allowed to have a ticket to take a former volunteers' shortname, but when @Kyle decides to leave and delete his name I won't give up until I am able to claim this shortname as mine.

    1. Cyan



    2. 411


      Here's a quote from one of the wisest person on Earth, "Never say never!" -Justin Bieber. @Cyan



  13. When will official chats unban forever ban people who have been ban for a year or two? Still waiting on the day Roberto will be unban, I'll giveaway 50k when this day is a reality. This message is for the people say "It means forever ban for a reason", my reply to any type of message of this format is that the site clearly needs these people to keep it from dying.
  14. @LeJon eats off brand cereal while watching furry videos on YouTube while he is afk.

  15. appreciate everybody who attended my lame contest, shout out to all the winners too.

  16. Apologize for pushing the event back, it will be starting in 20 minutes at xat.com/Saints

  17. Due to how early the contest would be for people in the states, we have decided to have the contest start at 2:00pm est
  18. USA > Canada

  19. I'll think of some for the sports people.
  20. 411


    Saint (187998250)
  21. 411


    Saint (187998250)
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