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  1. I would also love to appreciate how well our admins built this community, you guys deserve a around of applause for all the hard work you guys put into this site.

  2. Last Letter Of The Word Game.

  3. I feel like instead of hating on these volunteers, people should start being grateful for what they have done for us. I'll be the first one, I would like to thank all the current and past volunteers for taking time off of their schedule and help the community of this site, you earn my respect.

  4. A Change In Ownership

    You are absolutely correct, Harrison. I should have asked them first before even suggesting them to be the future generation leaders of this fantastic site, I enjoy your opinion, this isn't me being sarcastic either.
  5. A Change In Ownership

    I am implying that they should start preparing for that day and find people who are worthy to be their successor.
  6. A Change In Ownership

    Hello, my name is Kyle, I am here to bring an idea that I believe will help improve/help this site be filled with members again. I believe the admins (Chris & Darren) should start training their successors for this beautiful site, the two people I have in mind are the two hardest workers I have seen since the start of my xat career. I would like Muffins & Brandon to step up and take ownership of this site, I believe they both can help re-populate this site. This is only a suggestion that could be true some day, please fell free to express your opinions at the bottom of this post. I will gladly discuss more about this in the comment section and would love to hear what you guys think about this. Excuse my grammar and errors from this post, I am writing this post at 3am.
  7. we should have a net set of admins, it is time that chris and darren move on and have muffins and brandon be their successor.

    1. oj


      Assuming muffins and brandon are able to fulfill the technical roles as well?

  8. i think we could agree that 180 day waiting process to change your name on here again is a little bit too much.

    1. TrueRedDevil


      I think people should come up with better names and not change them once a day

    2. CarlosDesigns


      @TrueRedDevil ditto

    3. Lunala


      @TrueRedDevil are you talking about me? :)

  9. bummer, brandon was demoted to volunteer :( .

    1. Bau


      Nope, he is Administrator, just was changed the name For Volunteer! :p

    2. Stif2


      He's forum's administrator and maybe he got administrator rank temporarily to help in forum's update.

  10. Last Letter Of The Word Game.


    I love it, you are on fire, danns.
  12. just saying, admin plus texrax= a deal in the future.

  13. Change One Word

    calm down, i made a mistake. Disease killer
  14. i'm too lazy to write a forum post on this topic, so could anybody do the favor of asking/introducing the idea of having a goat power for me? thank you and have a wonderful day.

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    2. LaFleur
    3. 6


      The search bar could help also sometimes finding out if a power has been suggested already or not yet.

    4. narco


      appreciate all the people for assisting me, i will start using the search bar more often.