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  1. Experience
  2. I love it, you are on fire, danns.
  3. just saying, admin plus texrax= a deal in the future.

  4. calm down, i made a mistake. Disease killer
  5. i'm too lazy to write a forum post on this topic, so could anybody do the favor of asking/introducing the idea of having a goat power for me? thank you and have a wonderful day.

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    2. LaFleur
    3. 6


      The search bar could help also sometimes finding out if a power has been suggested already or not yet.

    4. narco


      appreciate all the people for assisting me, i will start using the search bar more often.

  6. bird trap
  7. fire storm
  8. teeth cleaner
  9. Up front
  10. yes, the sales of shortnames would go through by transferring xats from one user to another or you could use a middleman to help avoid scam.
  11. i apologize for not being specific about this as i was writing this post. i never wanted to change the old ways of making a ticket in order to get the shortname transfer to other accounts, i would like to still do that only with friends being able to transfer to each other too.