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  1. Time to go.

    adios amigo
  2. Anotha One [10k Prize pool]

    I'll think of some for the sports people.
  3. WIN NUTS!

    Saint (187998250)

    Saint (187998250)
  5. Anotha One [10k Prize pool]

    We are open to suggestions, if you would like gamebot we could probably add it in.
  6. Thanks! Thanks! (hug)(hug)

    1. Samuel


      Tienes suerte hasta en esto :( FELICIDADES

  7. Anotha One [10k Prize pool]

    Just giving back and uniting the community as one.
  8. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    In case most of you guys didn't read my status, the winner of this contest is @MisteR http://prntscr.com/ig3iub . I thank everybody who entered this contest. Join my new contest for a chance to win xats which is here.
  9. 3rd Street Saints Returning Date: Saturday, February 24 We will be hosting a trivia contest Topics will include: xat & Saints Row Any additional topics can be suggested in a comment reply Prize: 10,000 xats Time: 12:00pm EST Anything else can be discussed with me through xat, forum pm or reply. Chat: Saints Host: LeJon & Kyle(Saint)
  10. I would first like to thank everybody who entered my contest, you are lovely people.


    Users who are in the contest: https://prnt.sc/ig3ex9 https://prnt.sc/ig3fcw https://prnt.sc/ig3fx8 http://prntscr.com/ig3gy1


    winner: http://prntscr.com/ig3iub @MisteR

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    2. Lunala
    3. Solange




      I'd recommend you to announce the winner on your thread. Doing that, people will know that there's a winner and they will stop posting entries.

    4. LeJan


      @solange just finished my message on the thread for the people of the contest to see, thank you very much.

  11. Sandfx

    Impressive idea, I can see this actually being created.

    Looks entertaining to me,
  13. Good morning, community. Don't forget to join while there is still time to enter my contest, the winner will be announced at 1:00pm EST.

  14. Whoever posts last wins!

    this will never end