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  1. minel

    1. I
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    2. zw


      If you require assistance, please send me a private message.

    3. minel


      advertisements on help lady somebody from voluntrea send a ticket Let me eroor 55 and eroor 26 if I can send it to email <removed> so I could do a transfer and trade

      I do not know how to contact you privately. Please let me know your announcements

    4. zw


      I'd prefer that you start a conversation with me using the link that I provided in a previous reply to you. Are you able to contact me in that way?

      I'd be more than happy to take a look at your situation.

  2. I had blocked the e29 and e30 they got rid of me now I have a system error 55 and system error 26 on id volimte123 (949430950) I want to let it be removed so that I can do tranfer and trade I wrote a map not to respond to it <removed> i want damis it will remove thanks for reading system error 55 and system error 26
  3. minel

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    2. minel
    3. Stif


      You created already a topic on general support and already got a proper answer.


    4. minel


      I got the answer in a couple of ways

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