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  1. explain why this was needed? No matter where the person is born or lives, it shouldn't be a problem. That's like saying: I'm going to eat a bit of fruit. And then writing a guide for foreigners? I stated that it's a good thing to do and respected him for this, I stated my mind that it's not needed. Not that it's not wanted.
  2. D3nzil

    554 BABY

    I actually like the smiles for once.
  3. In 2010, when we was little kids on xat using the old Forum as a contest hosting place for graphics, when the old graphic kings was on, we didn't have any clue of "how to host a contest" we wrote what we wanted from the graphic people, or whatever we wanted, then gave a prize limit. Then when the contest was over, the thread was closed and the prizes was awarded to the winner(s). So the only reason I'm saying this is, for the past 10+ years xat has been running, we haven't had a guide, and really don't need one now, I'm proud of Nate for taking his time and wanting to help with this, good on him for the dedication, but I was simply stating, there's so much that could be either re-written on the wiki (So ticket your edit) or even added to the wiki about xat.
  4. This would be more of a "Milestone" kind of thing, I mean, I like it, but would it be worth the hassle of making it? My opinion is Yes, it will be worth it, xat has made endless of pointless features/powers, so why not add this that will be beneficial/appreciated.
  5. C'mon, really? out of all the tutorials that could be added, a tutorial on how to make a contest? I mean, it's common sense....
  6. They’re already losing members due to lack of interest in xat. Making this a feature would make users not want to come into the website at all.
  7. I am a strong believer if it’s not meant to be, it won’t be. Look at Myspace, that was amazingly popular, then it died. Same as xat, they bother too much about new smiley powers, not enough support to old members. A lot of xats problems is not listening to users, is not wanting to implement things that are hard work. Which I understand but. Customers are always right. xat will eventually die out over the next 5 years, I don’t think they’ll have any more ideas to add only pointless powers, theres going to be a point that they can’t do anything anymore because they released powers way too quick. When powers was was first released. The rush for the new powers was great, they wanted to get them from trade chat or even the store when it was released. Now, they only care about the power because of EveryPower feature.
  8. My all time favourite volunteer was Brian. but current volunteer is SJBB and Mike.
  9. Happy birthday and happy new year. 


    Hope youve had had a good Christmas you ducking quacker. 


    Enjoy mate.

  10. The thing Is. Admins really don’t care about the community anymore, they simply only care about the money they receive and creating powers, compared to 2008-2011. Administrators listened to community members. Interacted and actually responded. But now, it’s sinply money hunger.
  11. I’m voting for the description to be changed to “Merry Christmas”. the website was created in England UK, however it seems like everything is referring to foreign terms.
  12. If this gets created then xat really needs to do something for rememberance day in the UK. @Admin remember where you’re from, look at your own country sometimes.
  13. Mine is from RuneScape, however I’ve been on xat for 11 years and used other names but D3nzil is the one I’ve used the most
  14. When is the new contribution discussions thread going to be released as I have noticed the old one is deleted?
  15. Yes I meant to say smiley powers. Thanks
  16. I say bring Christina back as a volunteer, probably the only one that pushes for things to be changed, the ticket system is a definite must to be changed or improved, there’s a few free sites that offer similar but better qualities of the support system. xat doesn’t really care about “Normal users”. All cat cares about is money, let’s be honest, there’s no NEED for a power every week. Why not not make the powers once a month and less frequently, stupid “fruit” powers, they’re not exactly needed as in the demand they’re being released now. It seems to me that all xat wants is money and users to spend money, which is fair enough, but reduce the frequency of powers, do weekly updates and bug fixing instead of releasing new features. Thanks
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