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  1. This week power number 500 (goo), I hope it's something special and different (goo)

    1. https


      Me too. I'm getting tired of all of these repetitive smiley powers. I wanna see new group powers, and perhaps features as well.

  2. Reputation points dead again (scn)?

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    2. Shake


      @Leandro oh no!!!!!!

    3. Leandro


      I was already happy. I thought it was forever :( @Shake

    4. Bau


      I can't like your post :'(:d:$

  3. Grats Angelo for becoming Volunteer, the future of xat is in your hands xD ! You deserve it !

    1. Angelo


      Thanks DQ, I'll try my best! 

  4. Congratsss man you deserve this.:d

  5. Congratssss broo you deserve this :d 8-)

    1. SirCharlie


      Thanks very much Don - I will try to do my best! (hug)

  6. Congratulations Crow, xat really need someone like you :)

    1. Crow


      Thanks! Those tickets better watch their backs - I'm coming for them. (wary)

  7. Congratulations! Really you deserved that :) xat need someone like you.

  8. Happy New Year everyone.(hug)

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