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  1. Happy birthday to you!! (hug)

  2. happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday (blowkiss)

  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy birthday DonQuijote!

  6. Happy birthday DonQuijote  (hug)  

  7. Happy Birthday GIF by reactionseditorHappy birthday (hug) 

  8. I like your design, I'm excited to see your new backgrounds for 2020   (hug) 

  9. Hello @DonQuijote welcome back (hug) where were you ? 

    1. DonQuijote


      Thanks @Maxo, work and work and work (tired) i don’t have free time...

    2. Maxo


      Good luck sweety and welcome back again (blowkiss) 

  10. Reserved. @Shizuo I want to ask if the gif (animate) format is allowed ?
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