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  1. Religions

    @Valstein dont care @ANGY never support nobody, nothing new she broke every idea in this suggestion be good or no for her is stupid i dont know how you cant think like that. For me this is good idea and i agree.
  2. Congratulations Crow, xat really need someone like you :)

    1. Crow


      Thanks! Those tickets better watch their backs - I'm coming for them. (wary)

  3. Congratulations! Really you deserved that :) xat need someone like you.

  4. ARCBots Background Contest

    Its better to have your idea not to be inspired from mine, but ok we have time of edit here
  5. ARCBots Background Contest

    ARCbots INNER ( #703b29 ) OUTER INNER ( #610B5E ) OUTER
  6. ID auction ?

  7. Champions League

    What's gonna happen xat does not steal anything, but ok better to suggest animal powers like that animals haven't copyrights. I dont want to suggest about WorldCup ok ? If you like suggest and make powers about that topic or updete that older.
  8. Champions League

    We have Worldcup power https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Worldcup
  9. Champions League

    We are all tired of animal powers, every second powers is with animal. I suggest power Champions League with signs of clubs. We must to make something different. Everyone who likes football will buy this power when is important club games. I put here a few clubs, of course, you can suggest the others. Signs can have some shine and glitter, or moving in the circle with rotation.
  10. | Poseidon |

    This is good idea but i think this is a little hard to realised Looking so nice in the picture but in the smile i dont think.

    DonQuijotee (926430628)
  12. My Projects (2)

    That is not true, a lot of person like intros and dont hate works of other people if you dont like.
  13. My projects

    Nice work man, good luck and continue with more better idea.
  14. which is your favorite sport?

    Tennis Novak Đokovic Serbia in heart lol
  15. Who is your favorite football player?

    The one and only, God .