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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Do you understand the meaning of copying someone elses work? If xat were to copy this, it'd would be in a different style. Not in a style similar to another company. xat isn't looking to get sued.
  4. No, I'm just saying that xat should work on gaining it's popularity back before promoting holiday chats.
  5. Why? This chat is always dead and serves no purpose other than it's holiday name.
  6. Desire

    Thank you for following me.

    1. zw


      No problem!

  7. It is not good to restrict the Advanced Member for users to 50 posts and a certain reputation... It will decrease the amount of users on forum online.

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    2. Deactivated


      Not really. These attributes end up influencing a greater activity of the users, ie those that really want to obtain them will work harder to be more active in our community. 


      There's no reason (a real one) for a user to stop using the forums because some artifice is not available to all members. Neither a place where you can use a photo, a signature and a cover photo to be a visual member.


      After all, this is a place where ideas are exchanged, opinions and suggestions are given, our community ends up helping each other.

    3. xLaming


      If they dont want to post cuz lazy so why allow to change those stuff? lol

    4. Desire


      Not all of us are lazy and when we do earn up to 50 posts, we become discouraged because we still cannot use a signature or cover photo. It is a stupid idea.

  8. Desire


    I guess you're right. The power does sound useful depending on the types of smilies you'd want to use.
  9. Desire


    I like the idea of it, but it would mess up the chat box design.
  10. Pray for the polar bears that are suffering this winter...

  11. Desire


    That is a defunct topic of mine, but I appreciate you using it in your post. Thanks!
  12. Desire


    We already have a few cycle powers to do this. This suggestion is not needed, but is appreciated.
  13. I know this might be a little difficult for xat to implement on the forum, but I sometimes find a user on the forum who has a really good profile picture. I'd like for there to be an option to like it such as a like button like the one on Facebook that they have. I know many social networks have this feature, but it'd show users you appreciate both their cover photo on forum and profile picture. If this is too hard for xat to develop on the forum, I understand that.
  14. New users will find new friends to make. After all, xat is a social network and that's what a social network is supposed to help you make. xat offers new pawns, powers, and shortnames. There's loads of features a user can buy including rare old chats. In my opinion I think that's what will keep new users around. We all have different opinions though.
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