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  1. Hello! I haven't done this kind of help in a long time.

    Today we are going to solve an error that many users present, for a long time without using it, without being able to access our login.




    To find out why your account was deleted, you must ask a volunteer to open a ticket for you under the "Account Block" department. To do that, you can private message a volunteer via forum, remember to include: 
    Username and ID; 
    Reason for needing a ticket; (In this case "Account Block") 
    E-mail associated with the account that you have the problem; 
    Also mention if you still have access to this email. 
    Or you can contact them directly via chat, they usually can be found on Help or xat_test.
    You can check the response times of the departments here..

  2. To try to rest, good night(cute)

  3. Tienes que esperar cada que entras a tu registro? Solución: Haga clic en el cuadro '' PLAY '' de abajo ... y pueda hacer el inicio de sesión correctamente.
  4. Goodnight! :)

    1. Skatel


      gn ma frend

    2. ANGY


      Good night bae🎀.

  5. Luuuz

    Captcha on xat app

    Surely you have the protection activated, I do not usually have this kind of problems.
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