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  1. @Brandon Don't you think those should be removed rather quickly then? I personally am in a management field. And I've also worked with volunteer fire departments. The volunteer Fire Departments are ran similar to a regular job. You either show up or your gear gets taken down. I cant remember the exact amount, But you have to be there for so many hours a month. Or you are literally fired. And I feel like the volunteers should be answering a select amount of tickets per month or be removed. Saying just because they are Volunteer doesn't mean they are not to be managed like regular employees at a company. You get test powers, I may be wrong, But you get compensated some how. Yes it may not be much, Yes you could be making more flipping burgers at McDonalds, But you are voluntarily employed. You are volunteering your time. You shouldn't be able to just not do what you have to do just because you decide you don't want to. If you can't do what is required of you, You should be removed. As for my management, You don't show up for 2 days straight, No matter which company, Don't even think about showing up again because you won't have a job.
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