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  1. boa noite enviei um ticket porque tenho minha conta com held so que mandei para o departamento errado ate agora nao me responderao sera que alguem me pode ajudar por favor
  2. marta42

    good night my account ta with helda ha 3 weeks I sent ticket but I deceived and sent in one that had already sent in 2016 still will not respond to me will be so now I can not send another sera that can help me

    1. Stif


      As i told you in a previous status response, the Account Block department is delayed, which means a lot of people has the same issue as you have.

      Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is remain patient, they're dealing with them as fast as possible.

      Remember to don't try create other tickets, it will delay the solution of your problem.

    2. zw


      Please send me a private message, if you would like me to check on your situation.


    Good evening, can you help me with an E55 error in my account?

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    2. Stif


      @marta42 The Account Block department is delayed due to the high volume of tickets. It means that there's a lot of people with the same problem as you have. Please remain patient, the volunteers are doing their best to answer the tickets asap.

      Don't try to create other tickets, it just will delay the solution of your problem.

    3. marta42


      Okay, I'll be waiting, thank you so much for the help.

    4. Stif


      yw darling.

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