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  1. I hope a lot of peace Health and money in my pocket .
  2. Haey

    Some of my works

    Beautiful work brother
  3. Yes, a lot Yeah (10000090)
  4. We bring friends and family together and celebrate Yeah (10000090)
  5. Haey

    Yes or No

    no . Are you a cannibal?
  6. Haey

    Yes or No

    No .. You are fat?
  7. Wonder Woman Movie theater or Beach ?
  8. Five Box of candy Yeah (10000090)
  9. Yes, I have, with lights flashing ornaments hanging stars, bells and a Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer Yeah (10000090)
  10. cold with snow Yeah (10000090)
  11. Maybe a motorbike Yeah (10000090)
  12. Good idea would really make it much easier for everyone!
  13. Peace Health and Happiness with my family!
  14. Haey

    Ruby Update

    I liked the idea of brightness passing by the name would look pretty cool
  15. Haey


    Yeah (10000090)
  16. Haey

    modify (nopc)

    I would like to give Suggestion in an option in the power '' Nopc '' (the power prevents members and guests that you have not added as a friend have initiated a private conversation with you). should, by an option, prevent moderators, owners or principal owners from having private access with "Nopc active" and unpleasant ones that have private access without us, at least we invite.
  17. Haey


    Yeah (10000090)
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