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  1. 1. Who will win the World Cup? (Worth 20 points) Germany 2. Who will be the Runner-Up of the World Cup? (Worth 15 points) Brazil 3. Who will get 3rd place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Argentina 4. Who will get 4th place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Portugal 5. Who will win the Golden Ball? (Worth 10 points) Cristiano Ronaldo 6. Who will win the Golden Boot? (Worth 10 points) Messi 7. Who will win the Golden Glove? (Worth 10 points) (Goalkeepers only) Manuel Neuer 8. Who will win the Best Young Player Award? (Worth 10 points) Kylian Mbappé 9
  2. Inner: https://i.imgur.com/DrNxsaT.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/enAVyEc.png Button color: #FFFF00
  3. Yeah (10000090) do not give up and go on. The stones that today hinder your walk tomorrow will grace your road.
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