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  1. game

    Thanks a lot for patience and help, we have solved it, got the game code from another chat.
  2. game

    Thank you, but the code not working. I added it under chat box, I saved and no game.. Also I followed those steps, I uploaded the game as swf on xatradio.com, it has been approved, I inserted new code(http://xatradio.com/player/3740deaaa.swf) under my chat box and still the same problem, code is there saved but game does not appear. I'm waiting to fix it, thanks again.
  3. game

    Yes, i need this game http://www.games68.com/games/game-1330466398.swf
  4. game

    Sorry, but game does not appear.I see last game, not this http://prntscr.com/hc7lac
  5. game

    Hello, inserted this swf[radioswf:500:500:81abd9c55] under my chat, https://xat.com/AngelsFromHell, and not work.Please help me, thanks!