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  1. Does it at least let you in the chat's setting page? This message implies that your request failed to go through or vice versa the server fails to send anything back to your computer showing you acceptance, this problem could be fixed if you do the same process again, you can reply on your thread here if it didn't work!
  2. Try to clear cache and re-login, if your xats are still not there then you will have to create a ticket under the help topic "payment problem", with that being said you will not be able to create a ticket in this department as long as you're not a paid user unless you were emailed about your purchase then you're considered a paid user in this case. when creating the ticket the subject must be at least five words long! You will be asked about a proof of the purchase provide it to them! If you haven't received any emails yet about your purchase being accepted then wait for the payment to go through! If you haven't received the xats,days nor a confirmation email and money were taken off of your account then you have to create a ticket anyway.
  3. That's what I was talking about getting a permission from the owner, I wasn't just quite sure how it goes when you take ideas from someone else's work, maybe at least taking their name as the creators, doing your announcement publicly that you took ideas from someone else that's what I was thinking about at first, so that's pretty much it sir didn't know how it should have gone!
  4. If this was a copyright then they should have included the name of creator of the original stuff or something! To me these kind of stuff or any type of designs are not always 100% based on others' ideas, you can take ideas and put a twist on them, just don't fully rely on others' ideas to be exactly the same thing! it's pretty much not a big deal if you didn't imitate others' work like one hundred percent imitation! You could find people who have been serving in the field of designing for years taking ideas of somewhere else and put more effort into them or make some changes or do something on your own you got the idea already! I think that's how it is.
  5. A ticket can be done for you of course, but are you making sure that the account you attempt to create the ticket with is the account you used to purchase xats? Also have you deleted your paid account and re-registered it before? include your registered name or the identification number to let someone create the ticket!
  6. Create a ticket in "Domain Unblock" department you have to be a paid user to do so. Just a note the domain will get approved of only under one condition if it's "clean" meaning has no swear words or inappropriate stuff that breach the terms and conditions of xat.
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