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  1. AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  2. Thanks @Masha Price Received
  3. AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  4. Prize received, Thank @Masha
  5. AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  6. Hi! https://imgur.com/kMC7xfs.png https://i.postimg.cc/mrZMyHtB/fb-bg.png https://imgur.com/Q5XFgRL.png Button Color: #3a0057 https://imgur.com/0ylv1KT.png https://i.postimg.cc/mrrj2q3Y/fb-bg-2.png https://imgur.com/lDfz8qk.png Button Color: #456d9f https://imgur.com/J4RUfgs.png https://i.postimg.cc/sXhpMRMh/fb-bg-3.png https://imgur.com/XWud6vO.png Button Color: #ac7952 Thanks! AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  7. Price received! Thanks @Masha
  8. AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  9. AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  10. Award received, thanks @Masha & @Shizuo
  11. Borbo

    My Works

    Thank's very much for your opinions @Exin and @DjDanny24
  12. Borbo

    My Works

    Thank you! I'm glad to know that! @Maxo Thank's @AlexiusZeta I'm glad you liked it! I will always strive to do better!
  13. Borbo

    My Works

    Thanks @Mafia1
  14. Borbo

    My Works

    Thank you very much for your opinion! I'm glad you liked it! @Meesh
  15. Borbo

    My Works

    Thanks for your opinion! @Jean Thank's you @Shizuo Thank's very much for your opinion @DUYGU
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