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    Yes or No

    Yes Would you ever eat chocolate covered crickets?
  2. If you were given the option to be transformed into a Pokemon and live as a Pokemon for life which Pokemon would you live as? I would live as a dragonite because he's so cool.
  3. Chocolate Pie or Cake?
  4. Deleted

    Yes or No

    yes I do love songs Do you like llamas?
  5. Ok so this will be my final say on the matter of issues that need to be looked at. If xat wants to ignore issues still that not my problem. ISSUES THAT ARE PROBLEM ON xat Tickets - xat needs volunteers that have the time and care enough to answer tickets, I think if xat had those types of volunteers tickets wouldn't be as backed up as it is. 2-3 months without a reply on a ticket just shows some of the volunteers just don't either care enough to answer tickets anymore or that some are just to busy with irl stuff and they can't be as active as they used to be. What is a key goal business need to be a success? This is basic knowledge, Great customer service is whats needed to for a company to be successful. If the customer service sucks , then the consumers will go somewhere else and find an alternative. After working years in retail I can tell you that all the businesses I have worked at made showing giving great customer service the top priority. Fixes - There are several bugs on xat with both HTML5 and Mobile. Also mobile and html5 are not completed, Instead of focusing on powers all the time , The top priority should be trying to complete HTML5 xat and fix bugs on HTML5 and also complete mobile (adding trading for example) and fix issues mobile still has as well. Powers should be released maybe like every 2-3 weeks. instead of weekly , and more focus should be put into HTML5 and Mobile. I can honestly say with mobile I have had a bad experience with it constantly glitching up for me. I'm happy some issues with HTML5 were fixed but it shouldn't just stop there for now, Full attention needs to be on it and mobile.
  6. Deleted


    Who here likes pie? My favorite is pumpkin Pie
  7. What I Think Needs To Be Changed On xat Official Chats There are some official chats that are run poorly, Where mains don't even show up hardly ever and do their jobs as main owners, Some chats where mains are there maybe hardly on each month. Chats especially Help for example need an main that will be willing to help out users there , willing to be active their , willing to maintain the chat make sure staff is active and demote those who either break rules or those who are inactive and don't show up anymore. I see people listed on staff lists on a certain chat who haven't even been on in months , have no thing by their name mentioning if their on hiatus or not so it leaves me to think they just quit. If a main is to busy with real life stuff and can't handle running a chat anymore, they need to resign and full mainowner ship needs to be handed to a new person. Tickets xat needs volunteers that will be willing to sacrifice some of their time to help users with tickets , If some volunteers don't have the time anymore and to busy with college or work or other irl stuff they need to resign and someone else should take their spot. There are lots of users who have been waiting on ticket replies for months. I myself been a victim of late ticket replies in the past I had a ticket made in august and didn't get a reply till some time in late October and now I'm waiting again now for another reply. Thats not good customer service if you ask me. Also I think volunteers should be able to help users on chats as well. The whole point of being a volunteer is to help users of the community out so I think they should be willing to help out a user on a chat if they ask for help with something.
  8. ty @Mike for giving us users a voice and fighting for us. I completely agree with you , I think the users should be able to vote for volunteers , instead of vols voting other vols in (which can be completely biased). It would be a great change for xat. I think if users got to choose who they think would do a good job as volunteer it would indeed help fix xat.
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