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  1. Dimitruis (1527957202) Snap-Hippi Shades . Smilies used: (shadesoff) Lion emoticone Smilies used: (lion2) money face Smilies used: (tostarry) Fancy shades Smilies used: (flirt) Einstein Smilies used: (moustache9) Gorilla Smilies used: (mk) Chimpanzee Smilies used: (mk) Orangutan Smilies used: (mk) Gibbon Smilies used: (mk) Actually i use the last five emoticone to expresse Darwin evolution with Emoticone. Good Luck for you all Dimitruis.
  2. Dimitruis (1527957202)
  3. Inner : Outer : Button color: #097b8a
  4. Hello @Arthur Which chat you'r hosting the background contest?, to provide matching button color.
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