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  1. sephirroth (70007000) bought led, school, cupcake 330 xats
  2. sephirroth (70007000) bought halloween2 700
  3. sephirroth (70007000) sold fruit 1350
  4. Sephirroth (70007000) bought blueman 820 Sephirroth (70007000) bought xavi + nuclear 750 Sephirroth (70007000) bought kangel 300 superkick + movie 410 blubunni+ chocolate 500 space+ santa+ germ+ size 830 https://postimg.cc/gallery/kKtdgC7
  5. Sephirroth (70007000) Sold valentine 3300 xats
  6. Hi! I feel like I must add to this topic what happend to me 5 minutes ago in xat trade. Before starting the transaction I am 99% sure that I had 23646 xats and 0 days. I purchased from iiigiiigiii (45006611) 30 days. All was fine, we both added the xats(405) and days, accepted and confirmed. After the trade was done, I checked to see if I have the days. Now I have 30 days but still 23646 xats even IF I ADDED 405 xats to the trade, the other user saw that, accepted and confirmed. So, he/her got scammed by xat bug! I refreshed and deleted my cache, I still have same amount of xats. I added the xats ( noone can say I did not, the other user would not be accepting the trade else) but looks like for some reason they did not transfered. I tried to confirm this with the user but he/she does not seem to speak English very well and can not confirm me how many xats and days has before transaction. BUT I have same amount of xats! This is not normal. Actually it is very dangerous and even trivial to be fixed soon. Some users can scam others without any fault, and some can get reported and banned for scam also without being guilty. A vol maybe can check the transaction I talk about to see what really happend there. And please, fix that bug sooner, guys! It is not first time this happend to me, I am even afraid to make any trades. Thank you for reading this. With respect, Sephirroth (70007000)
  7. Thank you @Lemona for giving us the opportunity for this wonderful event!
  8. Hey there! Are you excited? There is only one hour left until the help party starts! Make sure you don't miss the prizes and all the fun! Everyone is invited!
  9. Happy birthday! 

    1. LaFleur


      Thank you Seph! ;)

  10. I used Arcbots for many years on my own chats, but fexbot is also pretty good.
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