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  1. I have no notification on email. I sent a message to one volunteer, maybe someone will help me..
  2. Hello! Dear support, I have a ticket open for a long time, and noone answered to me. I have my account held. Please someone help. I dont have a ticket number, cant find it. My id is 1514453286. Please disable helding on it. Thank you.
  3. Thank you, Leandro, but can you tell me wich one of them will be available soon? I dont want to message someone that will login next year :D:d
  4. Dear Stif, maybe you noticed that I said in my post that I REINSTALLED the application and it is still not working. And because I can not login, I can not open a ticket also. SO, this is why I am here and this is why I used that title: someone please open a ticket for me! Got it? So, can someone please help me open a ticket under lost auth ?
  5. hello! I keep getting this error when I try to login using Google Authenticator. http://prntscr.com/knw4cc I wanna mention that I already tried to resync devices, removed app and reinstalled. So, please someone create a ticket for me and request to remove tickle from my account. I have access to email. reg name: AmonRa2017 email <removed> Thank you.
  6. Samuel, I am romanian, I understand what they say, I refer to "<vulgarities removed> That is a swearing means <removed>. And another proof here <screenshot removed> Are you sure you want me to translate? I dont wanna get banned, you better use Google.. Thank you for help, Skatel, you told HIm not Her because I am a man. I reported that chat group for inapropriate. NOT for annoying me with their name, but for promoting their chat on my group and for swearing me.<screenshot removed>
  7. Is the language of their main owner also normal, samuel?
  8. hello! I want to report this chat group as being a clone of my own xat group https://xat.com/MagiaInimii. They use bad language, they come to my xat group insulting me and my users and they promote their chat in my name. Here is the proof, the main owner from there came to our group, swearing us very bad and promoting their xat here. <screenshot removed> Please help!
  9. Hello!

    Dear Crow, I had a thread on this forum, reporting illegal promo, and someone closed my thread with telling me to make a ticket.

    I already have a ticket and noone cares about it.

    There are people using bots for promo, fake users paid with 1.5 euro one. here is my thread http://prntscr.com/ipbexr

    This guy is maing money on your site and noone does nothing to stop them. http://prntscr.com/ipbexr

    Why closed my thread when I am asking for help? Why noone does anything to stop fraud? I hope you will do something! 

    1. Crow


      I assure you that xat takes fraud very seriously. 


      Please stay patient and wait for your ticket reply. The matter will be resolved there. Check the email address associated with your account for a notification of reply. 

    2. AmonRa2017


      Dont worry my friend, I check my email often and since January no answer and those guys doesnt stop. Today I saw that another chat group is being promoted like that, xat.com/addo. So how lon it will have to wait? One year?:)

  10. Skatel, I am waiting from January 19th and day by day there are new chat groups promoted like that insted of fixing the problem. I am sick to wait, someone please do something! And do it now! I am a premium user and I sick for justice.
  11. Hello! I want to report (again) a chat griup for using illegal promo (bots) to promote themselves. They even ask for money to do that promo. This is not the first time I report that! I have a ticket from January and noone even care about that, those chat are still using bots! Only 2 real users there, and one of them is the guy taking money from promo with bots. Look at this profile, he even says himself he asks money for illegal promo with bots, 1.5 euro for one fake user. HOW MANY PROOFS DO YOU NEED, xat.com to do something with thise FRAUD? I have a ticket reporting that from January this year. That time I reported 2 differnt chat groups but same guy promoting them. And guess what, NOOne even answered to me and those groups still using bots right now. Why do you pay at xat.com for promo if these illegal methods are not eradicated? I ve done everthing to stop that, reported chat groups as inappropriate, made ticket , asked for help on HELp chat. And still noone cares. Why? Now will you close my thread without doing nothing again? Then maybe we shall FRAUD too, if you accept this things, dear xat.com support! More proofs? look: http://prntscr.com/io01hv Group reported as inappropriate for promo out of control. Let;'s see, will anything even happen with that group? More proofs: <screenshot removed> my ticket from january, no answer! More proofs: <screenshot removed> This guys hgas a real bussines by selling fake users on xat lol! WILL YOU do something to stop this fraud? Or shut me down just for noone else find out?? Yes I am annopyed because I am ignored when I report FRAUD on xat,com, the place I PAY MONEY to have a chat group I want justice, xat,com
  12. @Angelo I already said I tried to open a ticket and I know how to. I am a paid user but I can not open it. It still asks me to be a paid user even if I already am. As a proof I have another ticket open ( with another subject). So, can a volunteer unblock my domain, pretty please? Without asking me to open a ticket ? ( because as i explained, I am not able to do so. Thank you!
  13. hello! I build a web-page for my xat group and I wanna insert it under chat with iframe option. Please unblock the page for me <domain URL removed> Thank you! PS: I mention that I am a paid user and still I can not open a ticket.
  14. You can see printscreen, don't need to believe me or not...there is the proof.
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