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  1. I used Arcbots for many years on my own chats, but fexbot is also pretty good.
  2. A very good idea, I hope xat admins will approve it soon. Congrats, Duygu!
  3. Hello! I am so sad this is not on my available time, would be 3:00 in the morning for me and at 5:00 in the morn I go to work daily (XD) But, I am happy for those who will be able to participate, I am sure it will be a memorable event for them!
  4. Hello, @LaFleur I will try to explain again! Every time you make a trade, you need to click Accept and Confirm, right? I did that, and the buttons reseted, instead of showing DONE ; meaning It appeared again that I have to accept and confirm for the same transaction. I accepted and confirmed again! And the chat showed that I was cheating. This is the problem. The system did not detect that I accepted for the first time and considered me a cheater. I changed NOTHING. I sent screenshots above. As could have been banned for this, it is clearly an error that must be resolved as soon as possible. I hope now I have explained clearly. I am available for any other clarifications needed. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I just wanted to buy 21 days, some guy offered me 21 days with 275. I wanted to give him/her 283. I clicked accept and confirm, and the button reseted! I clicked again accept and confirm ..angain reset! then system just showed I AM CHEATING! I dont have a print screen with the message, I was too busy to explain the guy that it;s an error.. Please fix this bug, someone can gen banned for an error like this, being innocente I can prove that trade took place after all, I am not a cheater. I was lucky that that guy accepted to reset the trade instead of reporting me. I would be banned now, for an glitch. 1. Here is proof I put xats correct, 283 xats (is more then 275, so didn try to cheat, just to offer a small tips. ) 4. here is the trade after restart, which finished well. And I received 25 days lol. because The person was nice. Thank you for your time to read this, and to fix it as soon as possible!
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