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  1. ok, I'll stop here, thanks for your opinion.
  2. I think you got carried away. I have said that I do this often, although I consider it an illusion and distraction. And to the question of "who am I to judge", I can answer in the same way, who are you to judge me? I just said what I do personally (that was the topic, what everyone does when they are sad) and what I consider personal. I do not judge anyone and I am not here to be judged. As for the rest of things, I think I would be able to talk quite a bit psychologically, but not here. Everyone has the right to say what they feel and what they believe, ther
  3. I hope that too. In addition to the flash version, my version has some new options, hope they will make it possible, if people will support it.
  4. When I'm sad, I analyze why I'm like this in the first place. After identifying the "enemy", I try to find out if I can eliminate it, by fixing the issue. If I can't, I try to accept it, to embrace it. Sadness does not go away if you create an illusion such as music or games, but it helps to distract your mind until you have the courage to face the situation. I do that also pretty often... illusions are not really bad sometimes.
  5. The power already suggested in the past regarding the Vikings, contains emotions, the one suggested by me is connected rather with the defining symbols of the Viking culture, this being the main difference. I would even add other symbols, in addition to those already presented. Viking culture is rich. In the other person's old idea, I saw shields, swords and horned helmets, all typical of the Nordics, but nothing to do with gods and symbols as I suggested the tree of life, the triskelion and others that exist. Regarding mythology, I've already seen the smilies you exemplifie
  6. Hello everyone! I thought of some ideas for powers, which I would like to see implemented. I don't want to flood the forum by posting each idea separately so I will combine them all here. Will be 2 for today and I may add some more later, in the same post. I have to tell you that I have no drawing talent so I can only illustrate my ideas with examples from the web. 1. Vikings power I know that Magnus already exists, but it has very few animations and I was thinking of something more complex, which would contain more about the Viking culture, about the
  7. Hello everyone! I didn't find anything similar in Forum, I hope I didn't miss anything, so I will go on and suggest this. Something similar to an option that used to exist in the flash version of the chat, but which is no longer there. Unless I missed it. Have you ever wanted to use different names on different chats? For example, a group of friends calls you John and another group of friends calls you Josh, you like both names, but at each refresh (accidental or intentional) you will be left with only one name. I would suggest a power or an option that a
  8. Hi! I really like the idea. Many times I have faced this problem, I wrote something wrong and the only solution available was to write a few more messages to explain or correct the wrong message Anyway, I would like to add something to de idea, if allowed. To avoid the issues stated by Kyle, where editing messages could lead to misleading reports, I would suggest to add an option for closing the private when is done, the same way you close a call in Skype for example. In my view for this option, both people need to close it and the conversation will be lost.
  9. Hi! Sometimes, when someone messages me in private, I am not able to see who is it, even if I click his pawn. I do not see name or reg name, nothing. I only suppose this happens when user is in different chat, because I do not see that person in trade.
  10. I want a world where honesty is appreciated

    final fantasy ff GIF

  11. Front: Back: Button color: #003366
  12. I think it is just bad manners when you try to help someone and they delete your comments and keep only what they like (ok)  Looks like someone needs attention not help..

    1. Kaay


      Some people are just not okay with criticism. 

    2. iSavage


      If people can't take this then they've got serious ego issues.

  13. Hi! I wanted to use the new limited hat (hat#hp) from new bd sticker and my pawn dissapeared, no animation, nothing Is that supposed to be the hat ? or is a bug?
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