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  1. Hi! If you are interested in buying graphics, please take a look to my profile. All the models can be mixed, you can choose to change colours, effects, texts and images. You can be creative and I will make it happen for you. xat online chat. Profile for LordOfSin83 My id is 1535192768. Check xat.me for Gif models If you are interested in inner/outer/banners, you can see some of my work displayed under my personal chat group xat.com/royalfm Feel free to ask any model you desire. Thank you!
  2. Hello, guys! I just created a new swf player and wanted as usual, to upload it on xatradio.com But surprise, the website doesnt wanna take it, it says it is not a swf file! I tried with my old swf player that is already hosted on server and says the same, so not the file is the issue. Also tried with different browsers, and adblocker disabled, same result. Someone can help please?
  3. Hello! I need to understand something. Let's say a user, without registred account, enter on xat.com After he gets out of the chat, that id will forever remain his even if he will never ever use it again, or the id will be reallocated to other user? If that, after how long will be reallocated? Case: I have some person in my friend list, that says it is not someone I know even if the id is the same and I have the id in my list. What is the criteria? Does it matter if is it android or computer browser? Someone please explain me this in detail. Thank you in adv
  4. Hello! I write in name of the owner because she doesnt speak english and I wanna help her. The issue is as follow This chat https://xat.com/didinaromatica belongs to zuzafitoasa2016 (1515892913) She was the original creator of the xat group, and she still has acces to the original email that she used to create the radio, I can name the email to an admin if needed. She created radio in 2016. Someone, that she trusted, had the chat password, and replaced the original email with his email then reseted everything and changed passwords. As the email has been change
  5. Hello, Alex! I dont know who you are or if you read my posts entirely. My password has no symbols. This chat room has the same problem as xat.com.royalfm, it has been activated with some old settings and does not recognise my email or my password . As I can see, the support fixed royalfm so they can fix magiainimii also, using same way they did with the other. This chat room keep old memories, needs to be resurrected to latest settings. I will wait for Crow to help me or Sloom. Thank you.
  6. Hi! Royalfm has been fixed. xat.com/magiainimii still has an issue, I can not gain main owner rights with my old password.
  7. Thank you Crow! I am waiting, it is just so frustrating to see someone is asking me to pay again something that i have been paid already. I will wait for you to fix this issue. Thank you in advance.
  8. I want someone to do something here please!!!! Anyone even check this?
  9. This dude, is the old owner, I purchased the short name from him and now after your error, he wants me to pay again, not fair xat.com! Give me my chat room back and i will not pay again for something that i already paid! he banned me from my own chat. How come that you gave the chat to the old owner after i paid it??? someone fix this xat.com!
  10. There is someone else main owner on my chat and myself can not get my main owner rights, whats happens here?:)
  11. xat.com/royalfm and xat.com/magiainimii have been activated, but...they have issues. xat.com/royalfm is in spanish, for I dont know what reason because me, the owner and creator of this chat group, I never used spanish language. And my password is not working, I can not gain main owner rights. The same with xat.com/magiainimii . Password is not working and also can not get any email to reset it. It looks like both chats have been activated to an earlier version with some older settings. For exemple, xat.com/royalfm , I purchased this shortname few months ago. I think it was in span
  12. Hello! Two of my chat groups have been wiped with that error that happend a while ago. I noticed just now . Please resurrect them, the names are xat.com/royalfm and xat.com/magiainimii Thank you in advance!
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