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  1. tickle codes not working

    Hello! Dear support, I can not login to my account due to E35. It says Auth code is incorrect. I tried to sync time on my devices many times, also I reinstalled app on my phone and still codes not working. I can not even open a ticket because i transfered all my powers from another account and I did not make any purchase on my new account. I can not open a tiket under any subject, even the one that says should not require a paid user, please help me recover my account!! I dont know what to so anymore, please someone help! I have acces to email, I know password, i have codes but they are not working. I tried from many computers and different phones. On my old login i can use tickle codes without any error, on this one codes not working! My user is AmonRa2017, and email <REMOVED>, please someone give me a solution!
  2. please unblock my radio domain for xat

    Thank you, my question have been answered now.
  3. please unblock my radio domain for xat

    Thank you, Adeis. I can not send ticket exactly for this reason, it sais i am not a paid user...
  4. please unblock my radio domain for xat

    Dear Stif, how can I upload it if it is not a swf player, only a link. is there any option to get the link approved on xat.radio.com?
  5. Hello! Dear support, I would like to use this player under my chat box, please unlock my radio domain/ip:; I would be glad to use a swf player but I do not have one. So please unblock my domain so I can use it with a common player at least. Thank you!
  6. game swf not working under chat

    Thank you a lot, but the code you gave me it is not working. I added it under chat box, I saved and no game.. Also I followed those steps, I uploaded the game as swf on xatradio.com, it has been approved, I inserted new code under my chat box and still the same problem, code is there saved but game does not appear. Can someone fix this?
  7. game swf not working under chat

    Hello! Dear support, I had a game inserted under my chat box, bubble shooter game. Now the code it is not working anymore..here is the code: [radioswf:500:500:81abd9c55] I changed nothing there and stopped working... The game it is here: http://www.radiobluedream.com/jocuri.html that bubble game on the right side. Can someone make it work again on xat please? Thank you!