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  1. For this last summer month in my bucket list is to lose 5 kg! I have already consulted with nutritionist and she advised to eat more veggies and whole foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins. Also I hired a personal trainer +butt injections procedures for faster results. It will be a tough month. But the challenge is accepted.
  2. I love playing Battle Royale game. But in my country it's kind of blocked. So I have to use vpn/proxy to get access. It's a bit unforgettable but at least I can continue playing with my friends. PS I am 20 lvl
  3. I watched Stranger than Fiction (2006) old good movie. I accidentally found it on Netflix, luckly that my proxy helped me to get access to it (for my country Netflix is blocked). Now I added it to my top 5 best movies collection. Original, simple, different. Worthy! Great cast with a great script.
  4. more travelling,money, career perspectives
  5. I like historical movies. In my collection The King's Speech,The Book Thief, Gladiator, Elizabeth, The Pianist, The Imitation Game etc. I often hang out on HDbits.org tracker since I bought an invite on invites shop. It's the best torrent tracker with a lot of awesome movies for every taste. An the quality is perfect.
  6. This Black Friday was really profitable for me. I ordered so many items online. Luckily I was prepared and I bookmarked the postal code webpage https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/california to omit stupid mistakes. Once I wrote the wrong zip code and my parcel went to Zimbabwe.
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