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  1. gostaria q alguem fechasse ele eu preciso abrir outro ticket Ticket #46060430 http://prntscr.com/mslbmr
  2. help me im creat ticket  in 1 year nobody reply , im lost acess 

    every time I try to log in the gray box appears and it appears written login failed, I've done everything to try to solve this problem, nothing worked other accounts I can access normally

    I disabled all protection but I still receive email when I try to login






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    2. renjirukia


      all protection disabled not work  why nobody reply my ticket ? why my number id 

      does not appear on the ticket? 


    3. Stif


      It can happen due to be a old ticket.

      I'll ask a volunteer to check your case.

    4. zw


      Sorry for the late response; please send me a private message about this. I'd be happy to take a look at the situation.

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