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  1. this is also very good, I like most of the songs
  2. very good this is one of my favorites
  3. I recommend you listen to kid keo
  4. cool I also hear that type of music (trap venezuela) trainer - nube
  5. Skrownegga


    would be good to this with more animations of sticksman with arrows, swords among other things
  6. I think I'll be sleeping and watching netflix
  7. this does not, it would be associated with problems with the laggy?
  8. hello, in my opinion ( like all others ) this seems to me unnecessary would be much protocol for something as basic married and bff of 2 people this well
  9. Skrownegga


    get an understanding of what your idea would be good to add a type of power, as well, with animations of swords and those things
  10. it seems to me this is totally a foolishness I don't think it is necessary to place something of this style
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