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  1. Hello everyone! As everyone knows, there is only one day left to celebrate the anniversary of the xat world. The xat community has always been part of the good times lived on this site. In addition to celebrating such a special day with friends, I would like to suggest a small auction of IDs where the IDs are randomly chosen by the Administrators as a surprise to all users interested in buying one. Certainly it has been many months after the last time. For this reason I think it would not be bad to make one, and especially on this commemorative day. Could you give us this gift? @Admin I hope it possible. Thanks!
  2. GABRlEL

    ID Auction

    It is not a bad idea to do an auction. Could I make this possible? @Admin Pls I would love if this is done.
  3. GABRlEL

    ID auction ?

    Exactly, the only iD that was not in the previous Auction was: 2M, the Admin decided not to put it, probably because it's especial there is no other iD as good and Epic rare as that of 2M iD and he is reserving it for a future, I think because he does not want his price to be devalued and cheap.
  4. GABRlEL

    ID auction ?

    Some users look at the suggestions and like the same iDs, that's why they suggest it the same, to the @Admin also I think that is very easy see the iDs that are most suggested to be in the Auction. Example:
  5. 6 Digit 110000 222222 7 Digit 3003003 5005005 8 Digit 22220000 80000008 9 Digit 101010101 200000002 10 Digit 1000000001 1111111111
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