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  1. JasonOficial

    New theme xatspace 3D Jason

    I come again here to share my new xatspace with you. CSS CODE https://pastebin.com/xLAqeLHk HTML CODE https://pastebin.com/KvFynmfg PREVIEW xat.me/elzobsantos JASON xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
  2. JasonOficial

    Free xatspace 3D perspective code

    html link https://pastebin.com/RPm4v0ky css link https://pastebin.com/4NLQHBST JASON xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
  3. JasonOficial

    New Theme Xatspace 3D Perspective.

  4. JasonOficial

    Free xatspace IDS vendors

    CODE CSS CODE https://pastebin.com/7rf9e5Sh HTML CODE https://pastebin.com/a3GGYkhB xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
  5. JasonOficial

    PcMessage or PrivateMessage

    new power suggestion private message It would be like this: when you are away from the computer and someone enters your private, a message appeared that you would automatically configure. Example: You are absent but for some reason you are not away. you 'user' would write a message before you leave and automatically when someone enters your private, view the message that you have configured. Example: excuse me! I can not answer now, I'll be back in 10 minutes.
  6. JasonOficial

    New themes for xatspace by jason

  7. JasonOficial

    New work on xatspace

    I make different models for each client. Soon I will be posting some more free codes.
  8. JasonOficial

    New work on xatspace

  9. JasonOficial

    Template xatspace

    new xatspace template available to buy. interested look me up in my xat. xat.com/centraldosplayers
  10. JasonOficial

    Pawn Cycle

    pawn cycle It would be like this. every time the user clicks on the room or pawn alternates, but only alternates the pawn that had activated. JASON
  11. JasonOficial

    My new xatspace

    I updated the link.
  12. JasonOficial

    My new xatspace

    Estou postando o código para o meu novo xatspace para você. código https://pastebin.com/cAEVyX65 Qualquer um que esteja procurando por um xatspace apenas entre em contato no meu xat. JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
  13. JasonOficial


    I found this site very cool and does not have logo on the accountants. https://www.webcontadores.com/
  14. JasonOficial


    Hello! I would like to suggest a hit counter for xat.me, the flagcounter is cool, but it would be much better to be able to edit all with css, it would also be nice if we had a power that would identify how many people we would have added as friends.
  15. JasonOficial

    Xatspace Free Code html and CSS

    thank you, and make good use.

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