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  1. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    I'm not sure why your conversations would be public. Only you should be able to recover them whenever you want to prove something to be false.
  2. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    Thank you for your point. I just think this feature would be useful as users like to make fake screenshots a lot. It happens all of the time on xat, and sometimes staff are tricked into banning an innocent user.
  3. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    I'm sure xat has a better hosting provider now that will protect the database better than the last provider did. If you're smart enough you shouldn't have problems protecting your account or the conversations you had.
  4. Best place to hide in would be an underground bunker.
  5. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    Not everyone has a client.
  6. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    Thank you for your support! Maybe this suggestion can be a feature for paid users.
  7. Once Xatting, Always Chatting. With A Name Like xat, It Has To Be Good! xat - When You Just Feel Like It.
  8. Distinct

    497 HATS

    And 500 xats isn't even expensive.
  9. Distinct

    New Paid Users Feature

    I would like to suggest a new feature for paid users. Since paid users can only do a few things within the support ticket system, I think paid users should be given this feature as well. Basically with this feature, it would allow paid users to be taken to a page where they can recover their old PC/PM conversations. This is useful to paid users because what if someone is lying to others about something you said in PC/PM that isn't true? With this feature you can go back to that conversation and keep it as a screenshot if you wish. Or you can just use this feature to relive your memories with past conversations you had with someone special. Hope you all like this suggestion!
  10. Distinct

    What is your favorite superhero show?

    I'm glad you like those shows as well! I used to watch Smallville as a kid. I need to catch up on it.
  11. Distinct

    Do you know how to code?

    I've recently just started learning and learned a lot already. How about you?
  12. Distinct

    497 HATS

    Yeah I know, I was just responding to the part where he asked if the community asked for new hats.
  13. Distinct

    497 HATS

    We've been asking for years. Where have you been? Haha.
  14. Distinct

    What is your favorite superhero show?

    I watched Gotham as well! Just waiting on the new season. You should also check out the other shows I mentioned, you won't regret it,
  15. Distinct

    New Smiling

    i believe they will add more hats later on in this power. Just be patient.

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