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  1. SirCharlie (1523604434)
  2. SirCharlie (1523604434) Are you human? Not sure... Took me about an hour to do a captcha.
  3. Hello SparkRaine, This is a pretty common problem for many users returning to xat, but there is a simple answer! You'll need to open a ticket to recover your account. To do so, make a new account. Instructions regarding making a new account can be found here. Once you make the new account (on a new email), go to xat.com/ticket and open one under the department: 'Lost Access'. When opening the ticket, please ensure the subject is five words or longer. Something like, 'Help I lost access to my account', should suffice. The ticket times page suggests there ar
  4. If possible, perhaps you could make a version of the login page which is compatible. I was testing it out on an iPad yesterday, but found that I couldn't originally login. Nevertheless I tried again and logged in, although the 'please wait' didn't move. This would probably be another good next step alongside all the other bugs. Nice work those working on HTML5!
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