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  1. Selling this ID (1528266566) because im not using it. Open to offers, contact me via message or /f1133437564.
  2. Impossible4 (1133437564)
  3. Impossible4 (1133437564)
  4. Sell 9 digit ID (194428270) Offer me, please add me /f1133437564
  5. I discovered xat in 2009, just typed in google chat rooms and i get addicted.
  6. Impossible4 (1133437564) P.S 29.10 I changed my username.
  7. Impossible4 (1133437564) P.S 29.10 I changed my username.
  8. TheDarkIsLight (1133437564)
  9. Hello! I'm from Bulgaria, i think for a long time, it is possible to create a Bulgarian xat Help group like other countries? (sorry for my very bad english) Ivan.
  10. TheDarkIsLight (1133437564)
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