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  1. First topic, Hello!

    Greats man
  2. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    Irresolute (1532699247)
  3. Mobile Version 1.10.1 Release - Android only

    I think the android version is fine, it seems good to me, Android and iOs will always be different in terms of designing their applications or whatever, that's not why you're going to turn Android into a copy of iOs...
  4. Mobile Version 1.10.1 Release - Android only

    Finally! Tnx! x2
  5. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    IIMiticoII (1525302205)
  6. Whoever posts last wins!

  7. Whoever posts last wins!

    Ellos ya perdieron
  8. 481 SAMBA

    First I didn't give much importance, but after seeing him listening to samba I think I want to have it!
  9. Animation for badge

    I think it's a good idea and I also think there are very good ideas to be able to create an animation of this power
  10. 473 Goodfriend

    Hi everyone ! Why my friend appears to me as without adding and he also gets the same with me? But both of us if we are friends in the list friend
  11. Whats happening?

    Thanks for all the help, everyone and especially @LaFleur
  12. Whats happening?

    Sorry to answer with another account, but there was a confusion of account and that .. but I will try what you say, I hope it works and thank you very much for the clarifications .
  13. Links Direct

    I also agree with you, I think it's a great idea because many times you need to send more than one link to clarify any questions or whatever
  14. 473 Goodfriend

    Hi everyone I think it's important to say this and with this I'm not looking down on any previous power... But... After 6 years I see again such an interesting power... They made my day improve a little more